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Kiteflying-Dangerous Game!

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I could not sleep last night after reading a sad story from Kumudam.
The enjoyment of some people costed the life of a kid.
A 2 year old kid, Shashank was sitting in the front seat of his his father's bike. When they were going through Ayanavaram, Chennai the kid was joyfully waving his hands and enjoying the ride.
Suddenly, he started crying and the people around shouted at his father to look at the blood flowing from his neck. He carried him to the nearby hospital where he was refused of attention for the fear of police case. Then he went to the Egmore child hospital where he found that the kid was already dead. The cause of the death was the "Maanja" thread of the kite which some irresponsible persons were flying in that area.
Who is responsible for the death of this innocent kid? The ones who were using the dangerous "Maanja" thread for kiteflying? Or the doctor who refused to give immediate medical care? Who?
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sirs- highly disturbing story. govts. should amend archaic laws which prevent hospitals from providing even emergency assistance to dying patients. and the yellow shawlist govt. which is more interested in anti hindu baiting like imposing anti bramin archakas in orthodox temples, demolishing Lord rama bridge, installing statues of the 'periar' before orthodox temples & banning orthodox practices like 'parivattam' etc., on absurd pretexts, should concentrate on strictly implementing the ban on kite flying.

may the soul of the boy rest in peace.
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