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kicku :)

Not open for further replies.

nachi naga


Issued in public interest and safety!

The centre for Disease Control Board has issued a medical alert about a highly dangerous virus called ‘Weekly Overload Recreational Killer’ (WORK).
If you see anyone infected by WORK, don't go near him/her. The virus will wipe out your private life entirely.

If you come in contact with this WORK, you should immediately take at least two of your friends to the nearest ‘Biological Anxiety Relief’ (BAR) centre to take 1 or all of the antidotes known as "Work Isolating Neutralier Extract" (WINE), ‘Radioactive UnWORK Medicine’(RUM), ‘Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter’(BEER), ‘Vaccino Offico Depression Killing Antigen’(VODKA) and continue its dosage till WORK is eliminated from your system completely.

Issued in Public Interest by "Buddies for Eradication of Work Disease Association" (BEWDAs) and by "Bad Adult Dingo ASIAN Waitress Are Sleeping" (BADAWAS)
Not open for further replies.

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