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Ketu in 5th house

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It is possible now a days. consult a very good lady docter specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics.. That docter will help you. Kethu in the fifth house will never stop conceiving.
Hi All,

I had a small clarification with ketu in 5th house. Ketu is in the 5th house in my horoscope and astrologers say it is difficult to conceive if ketu is the lord in 5th house. Wanted to know if it impossible for someone to conceive with ketu in their fifth house of the horoscope. Thanks.

- Vinatha

Smt. Vinatha,

Pl. don't be carried away by such "mottai" pronouncements of astrologer. If you are having any difficulty in conceiving, pl. approach a competent, good-reputation doctor and find out whether there is anything wrong, or if it is just a chance that there is delay. For not conceiving/delay, your husband is also to be tested, as you may know.

now, if you are yet to be married and are worrying about future, even by astrology, a suitable horoscope matching is supposed to solve the problem. I know cases where healthy first child has been born after 10 years of marriage, with competent medical diagnosis and treatment.
Thanks sir, am married and have consulted the doctor, she said nothing is wrong, but the astrologer predicted there are chances of retarded child in the horoscope because of ketu, so i was scared.
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Thanks sir, have consulted the doctor and according to her, nothing is wrong.


Greetings. My wife is the first child for my in-laws. For 13 years they did not have a child (not even miscarriages); then this girl showed up. so, it is only a question of time.

Dear Srimathi Vinatha Ji,

I know a bit of vedic astrology. Just because Kethu occupies the fifth house does not mean that you will automatically have difficulty in conceiving or not having a normal child.

Your whole horoscope needs to be analyzed. If Kethu receives beneficial aspects, it may actually mean that you may have a very highly spiritual child.

Don't worry about these things. Just be happy everyday that you have the time to worship/love your God. He/she will take care of you.

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