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KAVERI SNANAM - Guidance Please 🙏


Active member
உடையவர் திருவடி சரணம் 🙏
அடியேன் அடியார்களின்தாசன் 🙏🙏

Thiruvarangam and Koviladi - Kaveri Snanam - Stay & Food

Humbly request for guidance / suggestions - Please.
I am planning to visit the above two places in the month of August 2022 (date not finalized).

I require the following:
1) STAY: A nice place - affordable cost - Non AC Room
2) FOOD: Vegetarian - Preferred without onion & garlic
3) CAB: Small car - good driver - reasonable cost
4) SNANAM: Peaceful place for Kaveri Snanam & worship of Thiruvarangam.
Earlier visit - Amma Mandapam was not comfortable - lot of distractions / disturbance.

Kindly help / guide / suggest me - Please 🙏

Thank you all in advance - Haribol !!! 🙏

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