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Kathaparayumbol - Malayalam. Very good movie. Entertaining. (குசேலன் in தமிழ் ).

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Kathaparayumbol - Malayalam. Very good movie. Entertaining. (குசேலன் in தமிழ் ).

Respectable members, greetings.

The movie I am about to post here is remade in Tamizh by the name 'Kuselan'. I have not watched the Tamizh movie. If it followed the same story as in 'Kathaparayumbol', I can't understand the title 'Kuselan'. In Kuselan's story, Kuselan, although reluctantly, with little bag of 'Aval', went to see Krsna seeking help. Secondly, Kuselan did not help Krsna when Krsna was young either.

Anyway, our hero here is a simpleton, a man of principle. All he desired was 'rotating chair' and a new pair of sharp scissors and if possible, a small facelift for his barber shop at Melukkavu Junction. That scenic place was chosen for a movie shooting; with that, our hero's peaceful life became turbulant. Such a nice movie!

Kathaparayumbol-1.divx - YouTube

(Kindly note, please. In youtube, for this movie, part 11 is not there. After part 10, it is part 12 followed by part 12A followed by 13 and 14 please).

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I have seen both Kuselan and KP but I feel rajini presents a more convincing character than what Mammootty does. Both arre good movies, imo.
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