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Ram Ram

I am enclosing herewith the document on my Yatra to Prayag-Kashi-Gaya.

Hope it will be useful to atleast a few in this group.

I would like to add a few words, based on our experience.

  • Plan your trip atleast six months in advance.
  • Prefer train travel as the luggage will be quite large. The Bi-weekly Ganga-Kaveri is the best train from Chennai to Varanasi. By opting for plane travel we ended up paying Rs 2000+ for additional luggage alone.
  • Have a talk with the Kashi-Vadyar well in advance and finalize your itinerary.
  • Normally a six-day trip would be ideal.
  • Ensure that all expenditure (even miscellaneous charges) and payments are handled by the Vadyar himself.
  • If you decide to spend on your own, you will end up being fleeced out and you may end up paying a huge amount.
  • Ask the Vadyar himself to organize your transport, food, and temple visits by himself.
  • Every Vadyar in these places has a tie-up with all such felicity management people.
  • Even though you may be paying a little more, actually it will considerably reduce your tension and save you from being duped.
  • My personal opinion is to avoid group-tours. In such tours there will be just one Vadyar shouting Mantras from one corner and you will not be able to repeat after him.
  • Engage your own Vadyar who will customized and you can perform all ceremonies with full understanding and devotion.
  • Rameswaram Yatra before starting for Kashi is only optional. But you must visit Rameswaram after the Kashi-Yatra without fail and perform the Abishekam to Ramanatha Swamy with the Ganga-Theertham, which is to be done within three months of completing the Kashi-Yatra.
  • All Daanams in Kashi are only optional. But performing Daanams in Kashi is considered very sacred. All Danam items (except) Gho-Danam, can be purchased and carried by us from here.
  • You can perform Homa-Shrardham or just Hiranya-Shrardham depending on your physical/financial condition.

I have also enclosed a separate document listing the Approximate expenses incurred by us on this Yatra :

If at all, you have any queries please let me know (My Mail-ID : r.sridhar8@gmailcom)


At Kashi : Kedar, S/O Kedareswara Sastrigal – 9936423000

(Sri Kedareswara Sastrigal’s father was sent to Kashi by Mahaperiyava Himself, to take care of the Mutt activities at Kashi in 1950. Since then their families have been taking care of pilgrims visiting Kashi for Pitru-Karyams.

At Rameswaram : Gurucharan Sastrigal – 7010600385 - He is quite a young Vadyar and is very quite leraned and very well organized in All matters.


  • Kashi-Yatra.pdf
    195.5 KB · Views: 36
  • Approximate-Expenses.pdf
    361.6 KB · Views: 27

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