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kashi and other places

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Those who want to make use of their trip fully can have following
program if they have time and money at their disposal.

From Chennai ...
1. Lucknow for Neimisarinyam
2. then Ayodhya
3.Allahabad (for Triveni sangamam)
4.Chittrakoot (where Rama spent most of his vanavasam)
back to Kashi and back to Chennai.
from Chennai you need minimum Seven/Eight days by Train,

for Nymisariniyam- Ayodhya -Allahabad- Chitrakoot -- Kasi
and the Gaya

Chennai to Lucknow -- Nymisarinyam -back to Lucknow
and from there to Ayodhya (Four days)
Ayodhya --Allahabad- Chitrakoot back To Allahabad ..
(Three days)

Allahabad- kasi - gaya -kasi (Four/Three days)
For reaching Chennai another Two days
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