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Which one is best and neat place to perform karyams from 1 day to 12th day in chennai near westmambalam/t,nagar.
No gnanavapi,krishnatheertham/prahmatheertham at royapuram pl


there is one brahmatheertham in triplicane, where i have done karyams. i have also done karyams at royapuram, and i find the one at triplicane far better.

still, it is the best of a bad choice. the places are depressingly unclean, and reminds us of ourselves 100 years or so ago in attitudes and hygiene.

also in triplicane, i witnessed one of the most gory sites associated with ensuing widowhood. one young woman was dragged by her hair to a waiting barber, who in front of everyone cut her locks, much to her weeping, and even more hysterical breastbeating by her mother (i presume). the young man who dragged her, i found out was her brother.

my sister who was with me, freaked out. i myself was shocked beyond words.

hope, as a community, 100%, we are beyond such barbarity.

still, i would chose triplicane over the others. any day.

i personally think, it is best, to put in all 12 days together, and do it on the 12th day at home. it is equally good in its standing, and helps preserve somewhat the dignity of the rites. i found that doing the rites at the theerthams, somewhat demeaning. to myself.
there is a place in teynampet i think krishnan street just at the teynampet side of the kotturpuram bridge (cenetoph road) i had been there very recently.decently maintained,with all facilities.i dont know the contact number.can anybody tell the number pl.

mr kunjappa are you from bangalore.i think we have met in a sriramanavami festival at prasannaramapuram.pl confirm
mr kunjappa are you from bangalore.i think we have met in a sriramanavami festival at prasannaramapuram.pl confirm


no chance. i am from north malabar, but brought up in chennai santhome/mandaveli. i have been in canada since 1973.

so there is not much chance of us meeting, from just what you have posted in this forum. my loss though!!
Also one at Ullagaram,bordering Nanganallur & Madipakkam
Mukthi Karma Sthala,
Vidhya Nagar, Ullagaram
Hi Nameskarames to everybody.

Where shall i get the book for the details the karama and regarding the theetu(Seethagam)

this post just reflects another post in another thread that it may be the men who force certain restrictions on the women in the name of tradition and philosophy. i could bet that the book sankaran is looking for is written by a male.

so, when the man of the house dies, the women get a sense of freedom and empowerment. i have seen it with my own relations. sad, that the male folk are so insensitive and cruel, that they do not have a clue of the aspirations of their female relatives, and even when told, tread roughshod over it.
mr.sankaran you may get the book fronm giri trading mylapore or ramakrishna mutt book shop pl try,
by the by though this is not correct forrum can anybody help me in my search for a family wellwisher who was working in bhuvanagiri panchayat union office and was staying in my village ambapuram near chidambaram.his name is c gopalakrishnan and hia wife name is mrs.sakunthala.his sons are raghuparht,sambu and daughter uma.i am sorry i am using this forum to get the information pl pardon me
Not open for further replies.

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