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[Question] Kartha's wife in Periods during death rituals


New member
My father passed away few days back. We will be starting his 9th day rituals from tomorrow.
My brother & his wife will be performing it.
But suddenly unexpectedly my SISTER in law (brother's wife) got her periods.

Brother family - just the two of them stay in chennai and planning to do the rituals at home, food is arranged from outside.

I stay abroad, so unable to travel during this pandemic. My brother has asked all relatives to stay home due fear of infection during this pandemic.

In such situations, when the kartha's wife suddenly in her periods, how should we go about with the rituals.

Pls guide.
If ou recall that Lord Rama used a golden idle to perform Raja Suya Yangna. So, put some dharpai grass and spiritually make your wife to be in that and perform the rituals. Period is a gift to women for progenies, thus it should not be considered as a sin. However, if the wife feels pain (normal for most women) and feels uncomfortable, you can do the karma with prayachitta - be careful about Dhakshina Eagles. Sastras never discuss this but later add ons may give you a disorted opinion. Ask Shankara Mutt fo advice. Also, there is a one day delay if we move from India to say, USA. Thus, it is almost impossible to perform rituals everywhere the same day. Our ancesters never thought about it. The primary concern is to perform the ritual if you beleive in it and all other things are negotiable. Please do not take this as an insult to our Dharma which is very broad and provides exceptions, but finding a genuine ancient manuscript and printed in our current readable form is almost impossible. Say, Ohm Tastu Krishanarpanam - ever thingis dedicated to Krishana - will absolve you from your guilt. GOD never punshies his children, only your karma and actions produce the results. So, karmanyeva athikaram astghe, ma phaleshu katha cha naa" -कर्मण्येव अधिकारम् अस्ते मा फलेशु कदाच न ।
Well written. If the lady is in her periods, it is better that the Kartha does all the rituals outside the home (in a place like Sankara matham) or he can do it alone. Generally, it is difficult to do the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th day functions in a flat. So, Sankara matham is the best option. The last day function subhasweegaram or Grekiyam can be carried out at home after the lady takes her bath. Once the periods are over, the lady can take oil bath. Explain this to a vadhyar who understands the predicament and gives appropriate advice. If the kartha has a younger brother, he and his wife can do the kaariyangal along with the kartha.

The other option is to postpone the rituals to a later date looking at the star, date of death etc. This looks to be more feasible, isn't it?
"...postpone the rituals.. " should be OK. But fear of ancesters getting angry and curse are all unfounded gilt and we never think that deal souls have no mind of their own and unless they had attained salvation, they are already body to some women at her delivery time. But, remembering our ancestors etc., were created so that we can know who we are and avoid inbreeding by marriages. It is the intention that counts. I asked one swamiji (I don't follow them or ask for their blessings, rather as far as possible be nice to every one) about this and he said , depending on which Yoni (strate of rebirth) no dead person's soul has memory and thus it is our show of grattitue for all their blessings only. Exeptions are those who get killed, commit suicide and reborn and some residue memory of pious people may be exhibited in their new brith because they did not complete their worldly living time.
The point is, say "Om thastau Krishanapanam" and do the ritual on another day is the best option.

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