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Karma Management

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Dear Anandb Ji,

Thank you for the attachment Karma Management.
Really interesting and truly enlightening article.
Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami had just visited Malaysia recently.

The article truly reflects the meaning of the line in Lingaashtakam which goes;

Sanchita Paapa Vinaashana Lingam
Tat Pranamaami Sada Shiva Lingam

Thanks Ms. Renuka. There is another very good book called "Law of Karma" written by Prof.Harish Chandra. Published by Institute of Inner Sciences. I learnt few new stuff from this.

Dear Anandb Ji,
i would like to discuss with you the Resolve the Dream Karma portion.
i have pasted the portion from the articlehere so others will have an idea of what is being discussed. I really did not know that astral plane actions also create karma.
but its sometimes almost impossible to control dreams no matter how virtous one is in the physical world.
a lot of things go own in our subconscious mind which might manifest when we dream.
i hope you or other members could shed some light on this.
9 Resolve Dream Karma
Though some of our dreams are only the result of thoughts occurring in our own mind, other dreams are astral experiences, of being conscious in our astral body and interacting with others in their astral body. These astral-plane actions create
karma, just as do our physical-plane actions. This is the basis of the Hindu ideal that one would not steal or injure even in a dream. Why? Because such transgressions create negative karma that will come back to you. These are real karmas that may eventually manifest on the physical plane. However, this can be
avoided if you happen to have further dream experiences in which appropriate actions are taken to dissolve the karma. More commonly, though, we can resolve dream or astral-plane karmas in the same way we would physical world experiences, by performing penance for them in our waking state, while remembering the high standards of virtue and good conduct that should always be maintained, even during sleep. For instance, if in an emotional dream you injured someone intentionally, you could perform a simple penance the next day to atone, such as fasting one meal. Gurudeva said, “These kinds of dreams—
when a person is in his astral body and can feel what he touches, emote to his experiences, think and talk—are not what is known as the dream state. This is an astral experience, similar to the death experience, but the astral body is still connected to the physical body.”

Tirukural: “The highest principle is this: never knowingly harm anyone at any time in any way.”
Dear Ms. Renuka, I think the consequences of karma created by bad thoughts in the physical world or nightmares in the astral world is probably minuscule compared to bad karma resulting from real time actions in the physical world. just my personal thought. Here I am, a ordinary mortal struggling to avoid bad karma by my day-to day living so unless I am a yogi of some sort how am I going to avoid bad dreams or nightmare. But these days a lot of practical solutions are offered as to how to get a good night's sleep by following rules as to what we eat, the time we eat, the time we go to bed, thinking positively and so on. To me the day to day situations in the physical world offers more of a challenge. For ex, whether to bribe a government official in India to get things done. The problem is where there is a wholesale degradation of human values, good or bad karma will cease to exist in people's eyes because whatever is prevalent at that point of time becomes the accepted norm and the consequences of such behavior even if it is bad will be accepted. And people would say, times have changed or mores have changed and in the name of change anything becomes acceptable behavior because 8 out of 10 practice that. I know I have digressed and not answered your question. May be someone can.
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