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karma for replacing poonal

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You can purchase the book on sandhyavndhanam wherein the manthra is given. It starts like this Yagyoba veetham paramam pavithram ..... The book is available in the entrance of ayodhya mandapam, west mambalam, Near kabaleeswarar temple at Giri trading company, etc.
Dear Karthik,

visit www.prohithar.com and look under yajurupakarm wherein the manthras are given clearly. After changing the poonal call the vadyar whose phone no. is given in the site and thank him since the copy right is owned by him.
Thank you. I know the upAkarma vidhi. But would it be same for other times also, if the poonal breaks? Or would there be any extra procedure necessary?

Sorry, I should have made my original question more clear.

Prohithar.com is a useful site as Mr Ramanathan suggests. Another site which is
easily accessible is www.ahobilam.com; if you have any doubts on religious
ceremonies or anushtanams you may send an email to [email protected]
The next day you get a reply in clarification. Prior to that you need to register
which is free.

Thank you shri PC Ramabadran sir, the sites will be useful for me also.

As per my experiece and as per our vadyar for changing the thred the only mantra is as said by me earlier in this post. It is not advisable to wear broken poonal.
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