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Kapila (narayameeyam chapter 14)

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  • KARDAMA was born out of the shadow of BRAHMA (sloka 2 and 3)
  • SWAAYAMBHUVA MANU, descendant or offspring of Brahma (sloka 1)
  • Narada advised Swaayambhuva and Shatarupa (Parents) to give in marriage daughter DEVAHUTI to KARDAMBA (sloka 5)
  • For many years, though she was PRINCESS, Devahuti served her husband Kardam with devotion and care and adjusted to the difficult life of the hermitage. She spent all her extra time co-operating and observing all religious ceremonies. She became very weak in her body strengtrh but became very strong in both heart and mind. Atlast Kardam noticed her pitiable condition and acknowledging her strong determination decided to share his transcendental wisdom with her. (sloka 6)
  • Using his yogic powers Kardam created a flying palace. It was covered with gold and silver ornaments /jewels and various scented and decorative flowers and possessed all comforts that could create a romantic atmosphere conducive for sexual union for bearing children. The palace had decorative fountains, gardens with unusual/strange/special flowers and singing birds, special resting chambers that would reduce fatigue in a second and bedrooms that would bring out feelings of love and to charm Kama Deva himself had he been present. Then in the flying palace Kardam and Devahuti travelled to all the romantic tourist spots around the world. Now completely ready for producing children the couple returned to their ashram. (Sloka 7)
  • Devahuti first gave birth to nine daughters and then to Kapila, who was a manifestation of Vishnu. (sloka 8)
  • Devahuti remembered the condition that Kardam had placed before their marriage. Once he had fulfilled his obligation of creating children, he would leave family life and become an ascetic. (sloka 4)
  • Afraid that Kardam would leave her, she pleaded with her husband, “Please do not leave me, now. Our nine daughters will get married in due course and then leave; if you are not with me then who will take care of me.”
  • Kardam assuaged her fears. “Do not worry because the time for me to leave has not yet come. Vishnu the Supreme God has given me a boon that he will be born as our son. Your womb is truly sacred.” Many years later Devahuti conceived again. (sloka 8)
  • Brahma then told Kardam and Devahuti that the manifestation of Vishnu in Devahuti’s womb is to be named Kapila. And when he grows up Kapila will be a renowned sage (Sloka 9)
  • KARDAMBA went to the FOREST. Kapila taught mother all the spiritual truths.(sloka 10)
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