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kannappa Nayanar

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Arjuna feels very powerful after Kurukshtra war, when he vanquished Kaurava army with the help of Sri Krishna. He conveniently forgets that the Pandava revival began as soon as he earns Paasupatastram from Lord Shiva. If you chronicle the events from that point onwards in Mahabharata, you will find that Pandavas were on the ascendancy. Lord Shiva and Parvati decide to provide a re-birth for Arjuna, with the hope that he would realize the power of Lord Shiva.

Arjuna takes re-birth and was left to be found by a tribal Chief, who names him as Kannappa. The boy hates sacrifices in the name of Goddess [who is believed to protect the Bhil tribe] and does not worship her. The Chief’s daughter falls in love with Kannappa, but she propitiates Parvati. Kannappa marries her, but has to leave the tribe as he does not believe in the Goddess.
Kannappa questions his wife’s faith in Shiva, until he encounters Lord Shiva. Arjuna’s aatma will be carrying ahankara until this point of time. He then realizes the power of Lord Shiva and seeks to propitiate him with the stuff he finds while hunting animals. The local head Archaka does not like his defiling the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Kalahasti Shiva temple and frames Kannappa for jewel theft. Lord Shiva feels sad, as Parvati questions his helplessness. As a result, the Shiva Lingam sheds tears of blood from both eyes…….
Kannappa vows to end the blood flow and he gouges his own eyes one by one, hoping to provide eyes to Lord Shiva, to the amazement of all the priests. Lord Shiva is pleased with Kannappa’s effort, appears before him, reminds him of his past, reminds the World that he is a great jnaani, appreciates his big heart and provides the couple with moksha. Anyone learning about this story is blessed to cleanse their inner thought process and is expected to realize their true potential.
Not open for further replies.

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