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kanchi mahaperiyavaa > "Nothing can be done now because I have my hands tied."

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kanchi mahaperiyavaa > "Nothing can be done now because I have my hands tied."


ur thots on this are much appreciated ....


My thoughts.We have to understand and comprehend on its whole entirety what Mahaswamigal was preaching.By taking bits and pieces from a chapter,i do not think we will do justice to ourselves first and then to our Mahaswamigal.He walked the talk literally.But he is a an incarnate of the divine,which is inherent in all of us.

No country is perfect,let alone India or USA.But living in USA,i can say with humility,our people are extremely hard working folks,research & development is done magnificently -to cater materialistic pursuit and for the spiritual pursuit people have their LORDS.

The difference being-population.Prostitution existed in bharatham with a different nomenclature-deva daasi,similiarly gambling-mahabaharathaam story,similiarly other such vices...but ultimately its American Kshatriyas who are calling the shots next comes American Vaishyas next comes American shudras and next American Brahmanas,imho.Sorry i veered off from the topic a little.

Not open for further replies.

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