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Kamakshi Deepam / Vilakku

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Please share the ideas and reasons on the usage of silver Kamakshi deepam for worship at home. Also is it true that we should never use one "thiri" ( cotton wicks to light up lamp ) ?

What are the significances ? I have a telugu brahmin friend , her ways of praying seems to be slightly different from ours.

Please enlighten ! Many thanks !
v can use silver deepam at home.silver is a metal for sukran.and it also please

goddess mahalakshmi.

It is not strict that we should not use eka muka deepam. In houses, we can lit eka muka deepam with one wick and it also brings prosperity. Only thing is if we are going to lit 5 faces, you should be care that none of the wick should face south direction. Thats all. You can even use Agal vilakku or even golden lamp. The holder is not the matter at all. Only the deepam is the matter. By lighting the deepam you are destroying the external darkness. Similarly by chanting manthras or slokas before the deepam, sure you can also destroy the inner darkness.

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