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Kalyaanatthai Panni Paaru!!!

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Read this article and please leave your valuable comments.

I am sure that all of you who have experienced the challenging moments would agree with my views.
It’s very important to plan everything in advance. I know that parents would have struggled hard to raise their children. If it is a female child, the responsibilities are even heavier. In a typical BRAHMIN marriage, it’s the groom’s side that conducts the ENGAGEMENT and not the bride’s family. However, when it comes to the WEDDING, a BIGGER occasion, it’s the bride’s family that takes on the responsibilities including VARADAKSHANAI. I am sure its very less in Brahmin Community than in other Communities. However giving VARADHAKSHANAI or Demaning VARADHAKSHANAI is a Crime as per law. It would be great if Parents of Groom understands the position of the Bride's side then the Married life of the Bride and Groom would be Plesant. It makes me think, why not both families share equally to ease the pressure on the girl’s side considering the present cost of living? I don’t know how many people would agree with my thoughts, however it is just my opinion. Nevertheless, hats off to all PARENTS who manage to successfully conduct the wedding of their children.

PARENTS, for sure need to plan everything in advance and put all information into writing. All the requirements and the options should be written down.

The foremost step is to search for a suitable groom or bride. These days, parents are so lucky to have numerous MATRIMONIAL SITES and other sources available to select from.

• Book a MARRIAGE HALL or HOTEL as early as possible, due to an increased demand in present times. It’s safe to book a hall one or one and half years in advance to ensure that you get a spacious hall with nice ambience and ample parking space. Your first burden will be relieved.

• The next important thing is to book a CATERER. Good food complements a good wedding. When you get good comments from the guests, then that marriage is considered to be a successful one. Once a caterer is booked, gain confirmation and offer a token advance. I have met people who didn’t pay an advance and consequently lost a good caterer. Paying the advance fee will not harm you in anyway. Anyhow, you are going to pay after the function gets over, so it is a much safer option.

Marriage is once in a life time occasion. We spend a lot in our everyday life, yet we hesitate to spend a little extra for a wedding. I believe that we need to be a bit more flexible in order to make the wedding a memorable one.

Now, the marriage hall and catering of the function has been booked. What will be next?

• Now it is time to look for quality professionals in the field of MANGALA VAATHIYAM, PHOTO & VIDEO, WEBCASTING, MUSIC and DECORATORS. Photography and video are very important for any occasion. If catering gets you appreciation for those two auspicious days, then it is the photography that provides you with memories to cherish for many years.

So be smart and book photo and video coverage, music orchestra, decorations and mangala vaathiyam 4 months before the event for quality output.

I have met people who say photography is not important. I completely disagree. Photography plays a vital role in any function. Hope you agree with me on that point.

Kindly pay professionals a TOKEN ADVANCE, so as to get relieved from your responsibilities.

•So, now its time to PRINT the WEDDING CARDS. Choose a good showroom for your wedding cards. Make sure that the cards are distributed one month before the wedding, as people tend to forget. As people feel urgency in everything, we need to go accordingly and make the wedding an unforgettable one, to stay in our heart and mind forever.

I have thought many a times how it would look like when names of mandapams, caterers, decorators, photographers, orchestra and contributors are printed on the card. It is up to you to decide what to print and what not to include.
Make sure that whatever and whoever you select, is the best.

Everything has been arranged, and the big occasion, the WEDDING DAY has arrived. Floods of people are pouring in, with the MANGALA VAATHIYAM filling the MARRIAGE HALL. The great moment arrives, the culmination of all the efforts, the “ 3 knots”. As the nears and dears bless the married couple with "akshadai" and the gods bless from the heavens, it really gives a sensational feeling, doesn't it? It's like being in heaven isn't it? It’s no wonder they say, “Marriages are made in heaven”.


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