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Kali & Poduthuval (Thiruvathirai Special )

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Hope and wish you all had a lovely start to new year.This year the first function after the Vaikunta Ekadsahi on 5th is Thiruvathirai( Arudra darshanam) on 8th .Now we ll see the recipe and method of making kali and poduthuval for thiruvathirai.


Raw rice - 1 cup
Moong dal- 2 table spoon
powdered jaggery- 1 cup
coconut grated- 3 Table spoon
elachi - 5-6
Ghee - 2 Tablespoon


Wash and drain rice and roast it in ghee till pink, also roast the moong dal till you smell flavour.Powder both not fine but like Rava it should be coarse and grainy. Heat water when it is heated, add powdered jaggery make it to boil. When it boils stir in powdered rice rava and cook in low flame( IMP). Water will be fully absorbed as rice gets cooked.Now add Ghee and Elachi.when Kali gets dry add grated coconut and remove from heat.

Kavuthu Poduthuval

Kavuthu- 2 cups
Avarakkai / broad beans- 1 cup
chilli -4 nos
turmeric powder 1 pinch
grated coconut -1 cup
coconut oil
red chilly - 2 nos
curry leaves


Peel the skin of kavuthu and wash.Chop it to cubes.String beans and cut it to 2-3 pieces.Add turmeric and water to pressure cooker along with cut veggies.Pressure cook for 2 whistles.Grind the coconut and greeen chilly without adding water.Add this to cooked veggies and bring to boil.Add water if required.Do the seasoning with red chilly, mustard curry leaves, add coconut oil also for the aroma.

Dear sir,

What is Kavuthu? I have not seen it in Kolkatta.
true what is kavuthu wish you could post the picture here it would help to understand...sunkan
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