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Kailash manasarovar yathra

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I plan to go to "Kailash-Manasarovar" yathra in May 2010 through Nepal(Katmandu). Can anyone who visited already share their information and tips. If someone wants to join me for the trip, I can share the cost of booking. It is really very attractive and cheap than the going market price. I have booked all air passages and confirmed booking. I am reading through web information. If any of you have visited, please let me know.Thanks.
I plan to go to "Kailash-Manasarovar" yathra in May 2010 through Nepal(Katmandu). Can anyone who visited already share their information and tips. If someone wants to join me for the trip, I can share the cost of booking. It is really very attractive and cheap than the going market price. I have booked all air passages and confirmed booking. I am reading through web information. If any of you have visited, please let me know.Thanks.
hi sekar,
i like to go to manas kailash yatra,..can u help me?guide me?
may not be possible in may 2010...

thanks in advance

For me too... I am not sure by 2010. But, my lifetime desire is to have a look at amarnth and I also want to do parikrama. Heard a lot and lots about manasarovar. So have to take a look of that holy river in a full-moon day... Please guide us.

A rough estimation of travelling + hidden costs = ???
What are all the procedures to go there??
Some says that a lot based arrangements will be there. How about it??
What are all the other temples that we cover while going there (AVALAVU DOORAM POITU VERA ENGAUM PAKAMA VARA MUDIYUMO???)
How many days it will take???
What about the food, health, transportation issues???

I read the books of Baranidaran and Indra soundarrajan (Madurai mudal Imayam varai). But I want personal experiences from all our forum members.

Is there any travel agents or sorta people in this forum to take care of us in this whole trip in a cheap and best way???

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What a coincidence!

I was just about to create a new thread on Kailash Mansarova yattirai for 2010, and this thread popped up! Divine coincidence? I don't know.

Dear Mr Shekhar, I am nurturing this desire to go for a Kailash Mansarovar trip in 2010, and would like to discuss this further with you. What is the time period you are looking at? And the duration?


~ Raghu Sankaran
can you give me, Sri pkcshekar, the details like how many members you will take, what is the cost, does it include kasi and rituals performing there , no of days for entire tour etc etc.
hi sekar,
i like to go to manas kailash yatra,..can u help me?guide me?
may not be possible in may 2010...

thanks in advance

I am alsogoing for the first time. But I did a lot of research. Where do you live? If you live in India, you can either go through Government of India trip (30 days) or through private (15 days).Government trip doesn't cover Katmandu, but private trip takes you through Katmandu, less strenuous, but slightly more expensive. If you are living abroad with citizenship other than India, only option is to go through Nepal. Tour operators charge around US$2200, which is expensive. I have chosen to go my favourite tour operator Nirmala Travels. They came up with a Deepavali offer price of just Rs.51,999 plus Rs.13000 visa fee. It is the cheapest. Nirmala travels is a highly respected tour operator from Karnataka. You can visit their website. They are usually expensive but very good quality. They make the trip unforgetable. It is very cold there. You can't expect luxuries. You will stay in star hotel in Katmandu. But when you go to higher altitudes, you will stay in camp tents. There would be lack of oxygen. Breathing problem is quite common. If you daily practice pranayamam and yoga, you can withstand those problems. If you have any other questions, you can contact me at [email protected]. Good luck.
Vanakkam/Namaskar. I joined TB with lot of hope that threads would be atleast a week or month old.
But I see that discussions reg trip to Badri/Kedar/Kailash are over 8months old and nobody has written
after that. I am interested in organizing 8-10 people for the Yatra in September 2010. I will look forward
to mails reg this.JAI BOLENATH!
Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2010

I have gone to Kailash Manasarovar Yathra in May 2010. Really it was wonderful. I live in Canada. For anyone, I would recommend going through Nepal(Katmandu), by bus/landcruiser vans (Not by helicoptor). Govt of India trip is not good for a few reasons. The duration of the trip is 1 month full. It involves enormous amount of walking. Whereas through Katmandu, it is only 15 days. I went through Shrestha Travels. When I arrived at Katmandu airport, Shrestha representative received us and took us by a car to a Five Star Hotel. It was a palace. Evening we relaxed. There was a Vishnu temple, like Ranganatha, sleeping posture. We visited the temple. Next day morning at 6 AM, they took us toAirport and we flew to Everest. It is 1 hour trip covering 14 mountains/peaks. Most important ones are The Everest, Annapoorna and Gauri Shankar. Absolutely incredible. Then we went to Hotel and from there they took us by car to Pashupathinath temple, Bolenath temple, etc. By the time we finished the trip it was 2 PM. We had lunch and relaxed. Did some shopping. Evening they made a lecture about tour itinery, arrangements made, inspected winter clothes and all questions answered. It was arranged in the Board Room of the hotel. After 8 PM, we took dinner and slept.

Next day morning, at 7 AM, we started our Kailash Yatra. After travelling through beautiful sceneries, water falls, green mountains, at 12 noon, after lunch we arrived at Kodari China border. After immigration, passport/visa formalities, we walked through into Zangmu town where Toyota Landcruiser jeeps were waiting for us. All our luggages were loaded into a big van. In each van 4 persons plus driver have to sit. In Zangmu, Chinese Yuan can be bought. It would be a great thing to buy it from Indian cities through banks for getting cheaper rates. Evening we reached the first halting spot Nyalam which is 5000 ft above sea level. Many people developed altitude sickness. There we halted for 2 days for climatic acclimitization. Third day, we left by jeeps. Roads were good upto 2 hours drive from there. After words, roads were extremely horrible. They were basically climbing up and down several deserts/mountains. No vegetation or trees, no living beings seen. Every day they leave in the morning and drive through out day. Morning break fast is served in the place we start. Lunch is backed for all. Dinner is cooked and served after reaching the destination. They served only minerals water and used only mineral water for cooking. Everything was taken from Katmandu. We reach a Chinese city called Saaga where we stayed in a 3 star hotel. Nice accommodation. From there, we proceeded to Paryang, then Manasarovar. I have posted everything as a Movie in www.youtube.com. For your ready reference, I have pasted below the links. If anyone wants to go for yathra, please go with a thorough training like breathing exercises, yoga, brisk walk for 1 hour every day, etc. I did one year practice/viradham. Without that completing the yathra is difficult.
YouTube - Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2010 - Part 1

YouTube - Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2010 - Part 2

YouTube - Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2010 - Part 3

YouTube - Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2010 - Part 4

Please enjoy these movie clippings. If you want photos, they can be viewed through the link given below:-

Picasa Web Albums - vidya - kailash manas...

Remember, it is not a picnic. It is very very very tough yathra requiring a lot of physical stamina and mental preparedness for all odds. It is very cold, snowing, about minus ten to twenty degree with cold winds, no toilets, no bath for about 10 days during yathra. It is worth because all these difficulties give you dharshan of Lord Shiva, Manasarovar lake, Nandi Parvat, Gauri Khund, etc. Every evening we had veda chants and bhajans. At Manasarovar I performed Rudhra Homam and pooja. Everyone took part. At early morning 2 AM, all stars are taking a dip in Manasarovar. They are Rishis. You can see with your naked eyes. Sky is very close and millions of stars twinkle and smile at us. The falling stars fall into Manasarovar lake. At 2 AM they take bath and pray Siva. At that time 2 AM, it is believed that when we pray, all Gods being present there, they would bless us with our desire. These are all faiths. God can't be more than one. But experience is really splendid, philosophical and heart filling. All questions may be shooted to me at [email protected]. This year, a group of 25 people plan to go from Toronto, Canada for the yathra. I am helping them. Before you book, please contact me. I will give you valuable tips.

Om Namasivaya!!

dear Chandrasekar ji
very much of a feeling that i have seen sri kailash after reading your note. sir why can`t you write a elabrote travelog.
Kailashmanasarovar yatra

Dear Mr Ananthanarayanan,​

Seeing Lord Kailasanadhar directly is an experience. Many have said they are planning to go. Do you know? I never even thought of Kailash. My daughter was casually googling about vacation packages. We wanted to go to Cuba and Mexico and she was just looking for various packages. She happened to see Kailash trip in a corner. She asked me why don't you plan. Believe it or not, the same night I watched the video posted by Esa Foundation on Youtube and I called the travel agent in Bangalore and booked the trip. From that day I observed strict vratham for 9 months. It is not doing pooja daily. It is daily pranayama exercises,yoga exercises, cardio involving running and climbing, listening to Sivan slogams, etc. I prepared myself thoroughly because of imminent altitude sickness there. Before leaving I spent over $500 and got all immunizations done. I took flue shot, shot for H1N1, Malaria, Hepatitis A and B vaccines, diphtheria and menangitis vaccine, Dukoral, malaria pills and Diamox for altitude sickness. All the people who came with me to Kailash did make preparations like what all to carry, what places to see and enjoy, but not exercises, yoga/pranayama. This has made them feel sick. No doubt, Nepal is really a very nice place to see temples, sight seeing, shopping, etc. From Nepal to China border down Zangmu is really enchanting with beautiful sceneries, waterfalls, mountains, dense forests, rare animals and so on. But Zangmu to Nyalam the road is okay, no problem. From Nyalam to Manasarovar the road is extremely bad, only desert, no vegetation, no plants, and till you reach Manasarovar, you can't enjoy. It is very very hard and extremely tough. You don't have oxygen, it is extremely dusty, very cold and sunny too, too windy and dry. In places of stay, you don't have a toilet, you have to depend on outside open air toilet and tissue paper or waterbottle. No bathing possible, you need winter jackets even while sleeping. Altitude sickness causes symptoms like very severe headache, sleeplessness, vomiting, diarrohea, fever and loss of appetite. For enduring all these things and still enjoy the trip, you need physical robustness. I never had any problem, anywhere. Lord Shiva was with me throughout. My trip involved 12 air passages, all got confirmed with competitive rates. The first sight of Kailash is unforgettable. How can I explain God? I am not qualified for that.

When I saw Kailash, I was just like a dog watching him with watering mouth, can't blink my eyes, can't speak, cant think of anything, just a moment of total silence, stillness, peace and tears rolling down from eyes, not knowing what to tell Him, what to askHim, what to offer Him. After 10 minutes, I grabbed my bag and took a big cake of camphor about 250 gms and lighted it before Him. I can only offer this much to Him, who has created all of us. No Rudhram comes to memory. It is an experience, it is bliss. It has to be tasted by everyone before he or she dies. Otherwise the birth is useless.

Any pilgrim place we go, there is a temple, there is a God, there is a priest, there are shops around, rituals around, commercials around. In Kailash, you don't have anything. There is no temple, there is no priest, there are no shops anywhere, no rituals like Gaya, kasi, etc. Even there is no God in the form of idol. The Mount Kailash is God. Nandi Parvat is Nandi, Manasarovar is the temple's "kulam". Everything is abstract. Because, it is just THE ULTIMATE BLISS. Many foreigners came with us. I asked them why they are coming? They informed that they are christians, but they know that there is a concentration of divine current in the area. They also walk like us, suffer like us, meditate in a better way than us, manage whatever toilet facilities, with high tolerance. Only Indians grumble, shout, yell at travel operators even for coffee/tea, diluting the sanctity of the place. Being an Indian I am really upset about this.

We have all sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi, all originate from Manasarovar and Manasarovar is collecting water from Kailash's head directly. Whatever puranas speak about, you can see with your eyes there. In that Manasarovar water taking a holy dip is really a life time experience. This experience is ultimate, divine, sacred and unique. It can't be explained at all.

From two places you can get Kailash darshan very close, one from Ashtapath and the other from Dirapukh. Two opposite directions, very close to your eyes in magnificant form you can get darshan. I conducted chantings, prayers, meditation, etc. with all team members every evening to bring the divine fervour in them and shift the feel of a picnic. All were cooperative, all arrangements by tour operator was great. At Manasarovar, we did 3 hour homa/pooja, aarti, "puttu" neivedhyam, etc., followed by holy bath in that icy shivering cold water. Similarly at Ashtapath, there is a heap of stones. We took a 9 yard saree. We tied the saree around it. We took writings of "Om Namasivaya" for more than 1 crore time. We kept there, lighted a huge cake of camphor to Lord Siva. In Tibet, one form of worship is, they collect all scattered stones into a heap and pray it with the mantra "OM MANI PADME HUM". This is the only manthra, but very very powerful mantra for success in meditation. Tibetans do "Adi namaskaram" and do the full parikrama. Their bakthi is really much superior when compared to us, truely unalloyed. Siva himself is the ultimate God. That is the reason why when you go to Sivan temple, no prasadham is given, only vibhuthi is given, meaning that the end is ash for any and everything. For Siva, no alankaram, no perfume, no garlands. His garland is snake, his vastra is animal skin, he is always remaining in meditation in the mountain Kailash Parvat.

Whatever we ask God he gives us, through which he punishes us. We ask always material things, not realizing the fact that either we leave the material thing or material thing will leave us. One of the two is bound to occur. No escape. We think we can hide certain acts from the nature and escape punishment. Lying, cheating, robbing, all these things come under this, without understanding the fact that He is in the core of our heart, breathing for us, watching every act of us.

Seek Mukti. Visit Kailash, who is The Ultimate. No explanation possible. One has to experience it. Not experiencing this is not a loss for Kailash, only for us. Believe it or not, I returned to Canada on June 12. Ever since I returned, I am still living in Kailash, the Mount Kailash is constantly filling my eyes and heart, while sleeping in the form of dreams, in the waking state in the form of thoughts. It is the Mukthi Sthal. Next to Manasarovar there is another lakecalled "Rakshasthal" where Ravana made his thapas. All demons pray and get their boons by praying in that lake. Devas are not supposed to go there and bath. We have seen it from distance. Manasarovar has waves, but Rakshasthal is silent and scary. I am waiting for next year to come. I am not an organizer of tour. I am a simple bank executive. But I can help everyone wanting to visit Kailash. Everyone can approach me for any guidance.

If you have time and money, you can also plan a visit to Mukthinath which is in Nepal. It is about another 5 days trip. It would cost you about Rs.20,000.

I will share more as and when I find time. Please be in touch. My phone number is 0014168403257 and my email id is [email protected].

God bless you all. Om Namasivaya.

hi chandrasekar,
thank u so much...its nice explanation in youtube....i appreciate u...god bless you....

Manasarovar Yatra

Mr Sekar,

Your thread is extremely interesting. I am sure you have enjoyed and felt every bit of the great yatra. I do have it in mind to visit Manasarovar and would also wish to take my parents along. But since they cannot walk too much I thought of taking the Helicopter option so that there might be lesser walking involved.

I will surely seek your help in case I visit in 2011. BTW do we need Govt of India permission to go on a private trip? I do not think so, yet thouht of checking with you on the same.


Dear Mr.Sekar :

Thanks for sharing such an unique experience. You have been blessed by Lord Shiva to reach his abode.

I have had the opportunity of reading Priya Kalyanaraman's Kailash visit with Sadhuguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Most of your sharings were reflected in that travelogue too. As rightly pointed out by you, thisliss has to be
experienced by every one.


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