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Kailasanathar Temple in Kanchipuram

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An ancient temple, more than 1400 years old , built by the Pallava king Rajasimhan is an architectural marvel. It is sprawling with hundreds of sand stone carvings that have defied time. Astounding meditation platform behind each set of carvings that infuses special energy into the meditator. The presiding deity Lord Shiva is in the form of imposing lingam. Around the sanctum Santorum there are two holes , one representing death and the other birth signifying the birth cycle of human being. The holes may appear small, but with total faith in the lord even a very fat man can pass though. Only those who are destined to go through the holes will attempt. Passing through both the holes, people believe will relieve the person from the cycle of birth and death.
The temple is now the private property of four Brahmin priests who maintain the daily pujas through donation collected from the faithfuls. The temple is under the custody and care of Archielogical Society of India. The Tempe or the priests do not get any monetary support from the government and the entire expenses are met only through donations from those who visit the temples.

There are more foreign visitors than locals. Whoever visits Kanchipuram in future should not miss the opportunity to visit this great temple, a standing monument of the bygone era.

These are some snaps depicting the grandiose structure of the temple.


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We have visited this temple during our Tamil Nadu tour back in July-2016. We were told that this is the oldest temple in Kanchipuram. Truly a marvel. The temple opens a little later than usual, around 9am. I'm trying to post some of our trip pictures to this temple but for some reason I was successful in posting only one. Will post more pictures later.

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