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Jyotishya or Hora Shastra

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Jyotishya or Hora Shastra

The Ancient Rishis/Sages with their immense wisdom and vast knowledge have propounded various practical and theoritical methods for the awakening of the soul and realisation of every human being of his true self and his potential. Jyothishya or Hora shastra is one amoung the holistic sciences, which help immensely in our everyday life. Jyothishya or astrology is also a vedanga, which was extensively used in ancient times. Unfortunately, there was a decline in its importance and useage during the past few centuries.

This trend will definately be reversed in the coming years. The computer/Internet age will definately assist in the improvement of Jyothishya and bring back its pristine beauty and glory, since Jyothishya or Hora shashtra relies on lots of accurate, elobarate and extensive mathematical calculations which any latest computer can process in a fraction of time, thus improving the accuracy of predictions in Jyothishya.
Personally I have seen astrologers making fairly accurate predictions. Still there may be good astrologers but most of the people we see today are mostly incompetent and highly commercial. How to differentiate and find the right people in the profession.
can we discuss/learn more systamatically /scholarly basis on
jyothisha.not for mere predictions.more analysis/ synthesis
of this vedanga.
Yes, I do agree that it is difficult to differentiate between an astrologer of great quality & the others. And I do agree that there are black sheeps in every profession. Here they pretend as an astrologer & mislead people. That why an astrologer is looked down in this society.
But if we think in a different view, we’ll see the problems of a quality astrologer in these days.
In this KALIYUGAM for the sustenance of his life & family a DAIVAGNYAN need money. In those days there was a system where if a person wants to consult a DAIVAGNYAN, he should give some amount as GURUDHAKSHANA to him. This was accepted by the society because Anything given for free is wasted. And also the GURUDHAKSHANA paid by him helps the DAIVAGNYAN to support his family. He accepted the GURUDHAKSHANA, be it big or small as he thought it was yatha shakthi of the person. But later people had taken advantage of this & started coming to him for free also!! But a DAIVAGNYAN is not a person doing SOCIAL SERVICE……
He also has a family to sustain for which he needs money!!!!
In these days as to the advancement of technology, an astrologer as a DAIVAGNYAN is called now a days, is being helped very much by that very much. For example:
For astrologers of those days, to calculate THE ASHTAKA VARGAM, it used to take hours together. But now thanks to the software & computers we can calculate THE ASHTAKA VARGAM in a single click.
So to utilize such modern facilities an astrologer needs money. This is why he claims some amount so that he is able to invest for them. But people are willing to pay in lots to a person who is finally is going to cheat them. And to pay an affordable amount to a good astrologer, they feel he claims too much!!
For an instance:
My Guru had predicted the death of a person who was in the hospital, with her son-in-law’s Horoscope. But the doctors Assured Recovery & had done operations on the person.
The operation turned out successful but the patient died later on.
The doctors, who had falsely Assured Recovery, looted the person’s family in LAKHS!! They tell it happens in medical field.
But my Guru who had CORRECTLY predicted that person death was not even paid a single RUPEE!!!
Here I put up a question to all of you.
How is the astrologer treated in the society now a days?
How is his commercial angle balanced?
Is it not valid for him to claim GURUDHAKSHANA he is entitled for?
He has NEED but not GREED!!!!
The above information shows that astrologers of true quality not only aim at commercial angle (which have valid reasons) but also to for the good of the society………..
Firstly in baratham,nakshatra based,chandran based tithis,yogam based,karanam based, using suryan and chandran,the panchangam was formulated,as jyotisham.Subsequently,the rashi based mandalas,using suryan solar circle got determined,as dwa aditya mandalam.Then great giants in the field like Varahamihira,Aryabhatta,Suryabhattar,Parasharar,Agastiyar,Bhrigu...and so on..consolidated this ancient science of jyotisham.Primarily,this is Raja Vidya,for governance of the Manthris and Raja's.Slowly it has percolated to common man also.Free will also plays an important role,and not all can be safely shelved as prarabdha karmam.Thank you!.

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