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Justice Hidayatullah' s wit.... A must read....

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Justice Hidayatullah' s wit

As one of the numerous admirers of the late Mr.Justice Hidayatullah,
permit me to add that as Chief Justice of India and also as Vice
President, Mr.Justice Hidayatullah contributed immensely to the public
enlightenment by his comments and observations on different aspects of
life. He had the habit of looking sideways and commenting on the seamy
side of life with a capacity for wit and humour, rare these days. I
present a report from the convocation address at the Indian
Agricultural Research Institute when Mr.Hidayatullah was Vice

“Why milk, which used to cost about two annas a seer at one stage, is
being sold at 30 times that price today?”

The answer to this intricate question was provided by the Vice
President. He said, "Formerly, the mother milked the cows, the girls
set the milk out in pans to bring the cream to the top and one of the
boys sold it carrying it in a hand-cart.

“Now, the department of agriculture is mobilized, the cow-sheds are
sterilized, the cows are immunized, the milk is homogenized, the
supplies are motorized, the dairies are organized, the milkmen are
unionized, the milk product exports are subsidized, the political
leaders are energized and the result is that the Indian consumer is
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