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Juna Akhara to ordain a Dalit sadhu as ‘Mahamandaleshwar’

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Upperclass Hindus are preaching for Caste free society. (really!!!).

For the first time in the history of the Juna Akhara — considered by many to be the largest and oldest order of sadhus in India — a Dalit sanyasi will be designated “Mahamandaleshwar”, an influential position in the order, at Kumbh 2019.

The seer, 32-year-old Kanhaiya
Kumar Kashyap, was rechristened Kanhaiya Shivanand Giri after his “diksha” ceremony on Tuesday.

This is not the first time a Dalit religious scholar has been given “diksha” by the head of an akhara.

Niranjani Akhara
had included a Dalit in its higher echelons at the last Kumbh in Ujjain. But Shivanand’s inclusion in Juna Akhara is significant and marks yet another turn in the remarkable life of a man who was denied entry into a Sanskrit seminary because of his caste.

Undeterred, he earned a “Jyotishacharya” degree from Chandigarh-based Bharatiya Jyotish Vigyan Kendra before joining Juna Akhara.

Asked about the impact of his becoming “Mahamandaleshwar”, Shivanand said, “With people like me, victims of thecaste system, being given such an important responsibility... the day will come when like casteism will end.”


I thought that when you take SANYAS, there is no caste for a Sanyasi.
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