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Joke of the day

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nachi naga

Nithya Ameeta was busy with her house accounts when her baby was persistently grabbing her papers. She put him inside the playpen and resumed her work but the little one screamed until he was brought out of it. Ameeta thought for a moment and struck upon an idea. She gathered all her papers and got inside the playpen. The little one happily played around outside.

A little bit of lateral thinking can turn a situation around. A one-track mind will only dwell deeper into the familiar side of a situation.
Thatz what I told my boss - "I will sit in your cabin and work while you would be free outside".

Result: It did turn the situation around though... Am in a different company now :whistle:...
jokes by nithyanandam parahamsar

Nithya Kanthi was on the cross-country rail and spent all her time in the observation car. An elderly lady was seated next to her and Kanthi told her that the best part of the journey was the breathtaking scenery outside. The lady sat for a while and left. A little later, she came back and sat for a while before getting up to go. The third time, she came and sat behind Kanthi. Barely a few minutes went by when she tapped her on the back and asked, “Excuse me, but do you see something that I don’t?

We are surrounded by beauty. But we see only what we want to see. That is why they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Thatz what I told my boss - "I will sit in your cabin and work while you would be free outside".

Result: It did turn the situation around though... Am in a different company now :whistle:...

hope you have job satisfaction,thats the bottom line,sapthajihva
Nithya Twinkle had her sister over for a few days. The two were enjoying themselves when their parents called up to say that they were driving over to spend time with them. Nithya spun into focus and thrust a duster cloth into her sister’s hand to start dusting. The latter protested saying that the house was already clean. Nithya replied sharply, “This is sister clean, we will have to make it mother clean.”

Man spends all his life on putting to rest others’ anxiety; he gets himself anxious in the event! This is a phenomenon which can be broken only if intelligence blossoms in every man independently.
Durg Chander was jogging early one morning. As he passed by a man seated on the road, he asked him breathlessly, “What is the time?”, but got no reply before he jogged on. The next day, during his jog, he passed by the same man. As he passed him, the man shouted, “Sorry, but it’s 7am!”

Timely help when failed to be offered has no purpose when offered later.
Ananda was known for his wisdom. He always told people that they should strive not to be attracted by material things. But very often, Ananda was seen in the fancy store doing window shopping. Puzzled, his friend asked him what the great idea was. Ananda replied, “It never fails to amaze me when I see the number of things in this world that I don’t need!”

Enjoy the worldly things by renouncing them! This state cannot be achieved as a goal; it simply has to happen to you, somewhere in the path of inner growth.
paramahamsa nithyanandam has renounced his name fame glory by a 'scandal' is my joke :)
There was a student who wanted to learn martial arts. He approached a teacher and asked, ‘I wish to study martial arts. How long will it take me to master the art?’

The teacher replied, ‘Ten years.’

The student became very sad and said, ‘But I want to master it faster and I will work very hard. Even if you want me to practice more than ten hours a day, I am ready to do it. If I do so, how long will it take?’

The teacher said, ‘May be twenty years.’​
The teacher clearly means that hurrying is not going to help! When you are in a hurry, there is only anxiety. To really do something, you need only awareness, nothing else. When there is awareness, there is right action. When there is hurry, everything is blurred.
Ananda Pathi decided to surprise his wife with a gift one day. He ordered the gift to be door-delivered with a poem of love attached to it. He told them not to put his name saying that she will know once she sees it. The gift was delivered and the agency promptly got a call from his wife. She asked them who the sender was. They said that the sender preferred not to disclose his name. She pleaded, “Please, I need to know this before my husband gets back home.”

Only a radical change in our nature can convince the world that we have changed. Superficial moves will not suffice!
There was a student who wanted to learn martial arts. ..............
The teacher clearly means that hurrying is not going to help! When you are in a hurry, there is only anxiety. . ....
Think this is a zen story... the student later became a great swordsman...

the master intended that whenever one focuses on completing a study, one does not learn it... as the attention/concentration is not entirely on the subject...
The entire city was flooded and the rescue group was evacuating people from their homes. A flexible staircase was suspended from the first floor of a building to evacuate the inmates on to a waiting lorry. An elderly lady appeared and cautiously made her way down while everyone watched with bated breath. She landed safely and everyone sighed relief. She called out upwards, “It’s nothing mamma, you can do it!”

Life is a great drama with no dearth of action. It is up to us whether we are going to enjoy it objectively or get involved subjectively.
Boss Ananda was very efficient in getting work done. He however had no idea what it was to bend his own back. He would see only the results and never tolerated shortcomings in them. One day, his secretary didn’t turn up and he went without coffee for the day. His friend asked him why he didn’t make coffee for himself. He replied, “Well, I had no idea how I took my coffee.”

It is not enough if you master the technique of ‘instructing’ alone! You should also be able to get down to do the job perfectly if need be.
Latur Singh opened his lunch box at work and sighed, “Oh! the same old fried rice yet again.” His colleague asked him, “Why don’t you tell your wife to make something different?” Latur replied, “What wife? I make my own food!”

Where man is, his mind is not and that’s why he suffers a lot. When he zigs, his mind zags and in the event he gets hurt. Live in the present and much of your problems will dissolve!
Churu Kiran took up a part-time job with a supermarket to promote a particular product. It required him to dress up as a duck. When he was on the job, a man walked up to him and asked him, “Don’t you feel silly dressed up as a duck?” Churu snapped back, “You ought to feel silly talking to a duck.”

Strangely, the eye that misses our own follies, never misses others’!
Ananda Pappaiah was called to make a reforming speech at a prison’s criminal offence section. He stood up and to the horror of everyone present started by saying, “I am happy to see you all here today…”

Our mind is always following past patterns; it is seldom in the present and this why we make mistakes.
Nithya Ameeta came dressed in a two-piece outfit to a party. The host looked at her rather sternly and said, “I’m sorry, but my wife and I would rather not have people dressed in two-piece clothes.” “Sorry sir,” replied Ameeta, “which one should I remove?”

When a certain moral conduct settles down in a person, he turns dangerously blind to its shortcomings.
Barsi Rajan taught a group of physically handicapped children how to do various things like handling electronic gadgets, repairing them etc. His greatest lesson to them was that they should have faith in their capabilities. He was thrilled when one day a boy came in with a broken toaster in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other!

The most essential thing is to have trust in our own capabilities. Most often, we trust others’ capabilities more than ours!
Nithya Pathni and Ananda Pathi were returning from a party one night. Nithya said she would drive as Ananda had taken a little liquor at the party. She struggled to take the car out of the crowded parking area. A policeman who was watching, came over and knocked at Ananda’s window. He requested him to blow into an instant alcohol test kit. Ananda protested, “I’m not driving anyway.” The policeman said, “Please Sir, do as I say.” Ananda did so and the test came out negative. The policeman said, “Now Sir, could you please take the wheel and help this woman get out of this area.”

We sometimes feel shy to try and therefore live life the harder way. If the results will not be upsetting, it is worthwhile to try better ways in life.
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