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Jobs crisis worsens


Well-known member
Photos: India’s engineers struggle for work as jobs crisis worsens

Job seekers wait in a queue for interviews at a job fair in Chinchwad, Maharashtra. India’s unemployment rate rose to 7.2% last month, up from 5.9% in February 2018, according to data compiled by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) think tank. The figures are more recent than government data and many economists regard them as more credible.

Last year when Santosh Gurav graduated, he was hoping to land a job in industrial automation. Six months on, Gurav repairs mixer-grinders, table fans and other household appliances at a cramped shop in Pune. “I haven’t even started repaying my education loan. If people see me working there they might think I’m unskilled. But I have skills. I am passionate about this field,” Gurav said.

India's education system churns out hundreds of thousands of engineers - studying everything from computer code to civil engineering – every year, many with large loans and little prospect of finding a job in their field. They highlight Prime Minister Narendra Modi's difficulty in fulfilling a promise he made weeks after coming to power in 2014: creating millions of jobs by boosting manufacturing under a flagship 'Make in India' project launched with much fanfare. Four years on, the programme's impact on job creation is unclear and growth in the manufacturing sector has been sluggish, partly due to a lack of land and labour reform.



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And with such a massive jobs disaster, there is no way this govt will come to power. And when I say that, the right wing gets very upset. Guys, what happened to the freedom of speech??

Jumlas can only help to boost popularity for a while but when people are hungry for days, months and now over 2 yrs, they will vote against this govt.

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