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Iyengars Today



Hello all,

This is my very fisrt post on this website. Yesterday, I came across the wikipedia article about Iyengars. (hxxp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iyengar)

I was surprised to find that today, only 600,000 iyengars remain. Although I am not interested as to why the number is so low, I am interested in knowing a little more about Iyengars. I was brought up in Ahmedabad and all I actually knew about myself was that i was a "tamil" iyengar. I have frequently heard my grandparents complain about my lack of knowledge of our culture, and so I finally decided to get some info.

My questions are as follows.
A) How bad is the "Anti-Bhramin" movement in Tamil Nadu
B) How many Iyengars remain in Tamil Nadu
C) My grandparents tell me that a lot of Bhramins(esp Iyengars) have left Tamil Nadu because of the anti bhramin thing, is this true?
D) how are Iyengars different (ethnically,not religiously) from other tamils?

I appreciate any info on this.

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Iyengars today-Reply thread

Dear Sujit789

Welcome Mr.Sujit789. I see this 789 number above a quarter moon picture written in green in many auto rickshaws and perhaps you might have been inspired. But the URL given by you is wrong. When I was young and going door to door to distribute a phamplet about some important religious meeting, someone on the road delayed me for more than 2 hours in arguments and finally gave me his address as Ganesa, No.5 Nadu Street and when I went in search of him the next day, the door No. 5 was a small Mandhir and Lord Ganesa is presiding over there. That was the first lesson to me to search everything you hear before believing on the face of it.

So please don’t take on the face of it anything our youngsters write out of enthu and question them from their own statements and confuse them. Rather you search on your own from your ancestors or many books and research documents that are available and help our forum to know more useful and interesting through you. Please in the interest of our culture do not look our society as divided or let your writing divide further our society.

Tell a lie… and go on telling that for years… people will accept that as a truth. The statistics given by some one about many years ago that Brahmins form about 2% only in tamil nadu etc. and this not tested or proven. Secular governments do not take surveys in the name of caste. Up till now, this community maintains steadfast silence over this counting issue; but unfortunately some among us do quote that 2-3% believing as true. They are mostly our gen-next or our sudo-secular minded and born after Independence.

If you want the community to succeed do not bother much about numbers, and the anti work on this community. Look at Israelis, they are small in numbers but they always win battles. Migration is common to all communities and our youngsters are also going global to prosper; but we are not jealous of the prosperity of other communities and look everyone as Indians.

And finally, if you remove anything religious from Tamil, there remains nothing. So mother of all languages is DevNagari and every language including tamil is derived from Dev Nagari. Therefore try and now look everything as United and not Divided.

Dear Sri Gurumurthyji, A small correction. Devanaagari is the script in which Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi and Nepali are written. Obviously you are referring to Sanskrit. Sanskrit is also wrtten in Grantha ( a modified form of Tamil script used to write Sanskrit in T.N.), Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam scripts.
Iyengars today-Reply thread

Some time there may be some small corrections; but they are inadvertent and can be corrected at any point of discussion. In the interest of making a good point read by maximum members, I request the organizers to allow the post as it is, since the corrections sometime dilute the main issue and push the post in to backwards. Now I request all to go back two postings and read.


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