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items required for abishekam

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In the LINGA PURANAM translated in tamil by sri Ramanathan and published by Giri trading Agency in page no. 334 the sequence of Abishekam is given as follows.

1.scented gingilly oil. 2. Pancha kavyam.( cow's dung,urine,milk,curd,ghee, in the prescribed proportion mixed ).3. Panchamritham ( bananafruit,milk,ghee,jaggary,honey ) you may add other fruits also mango,jack fruit,apple,orange, dates,grapes,mundri,drakshai,elakai,almonds,pomegranate etc, pachaikalpooram; saffron.4. cow's milk.

5.cow's curd 6. cow's ghee. 7 Honey. 8. sugarcane juice (jaggary) 9. all other fruit juices 10. Tender coiconut water. 11. sandal wood powder mixed with water. 12. water from 5 kalasams . ( In 5 brass vessals pour water and then pour some krambu elakai powder, pachaikalpooram, rose water, vilamichai ver(Root) and chant easaanan, thathpurushan,agoram, vaamadevan,satyojatam mantras each one for each kalasam )
many thanks

the idol is on a hillock installed by bogar and i may have to do the abishekam myself
how to mix the panchkaviyam- u said proportion
can u advice
preparation of panchakavyam.

place 6 empty cups.In the centre cup pour 35 grams of cow's urine;In the eastern side cup put cow's dung half of your thumb; pour 245 grams of cow's milk in the south side cup; Pour cow's curd 105 gram in the west side cup;pour 35 grams of cow's ghee in the north side cup; pour water 35 grams in the north east side cup;

With help of 2 dharbai touch the centre cup saying GAYATHRI MANTHRAM.; Saying gandad dwaaraam duradarsham......vaya sriyam .touch eastern side cup,cow's dung. saying aapyaaya swasame duthae ........sangathey. touch the south side milk cup; saying dadhikraavinno akarusham.......dhaarishat touch the cow's curd in the west side cup.

Saying sukramasi jyothirasi theyjosi touch the northern side ghee cup; Saying devasyathva savithuhu....maaththey touch the pure water cup in the north east direction cup.

These milk.curd,ghee, urine, dung must be collected from the same one cow.

Saying the same manthras in the same order pour the other cups contents in the centre cup..

. so the centre cup must be a bigger one.saying AUM (OM)for ten times.stirr well the centre cup . now you remove the other five cups.

Now pooja for the centre cup Goh(cow)devatha AAvaahana manthram AAgahwo........duhaana. Asmin pancha gavyae goh devatha dhyaayami, aavaahayami, aasanam,paadhyam;argyam;aachamanam;snaanam , aachamanam. vasthram, upavaatham;sandal paste, kumkumam; akshadai; pushpa maalaj; archanai, dhoopam. deepam, neivedhyam, banana fruit and thaamboolam;

camphor aarthi, Then chant goh suktham from aagaavo.......thavaveeryea It is in thaithareeya praa ash2.8.8..Then punar pooja, upacharam. yatha sthanam.

Separate mantra is there to take this panchakavyam inside your mouth. This panchakavyam can be used for abishekam to siva.

You can do abishekam by chanting rudram,chamakam,purusha sooktham; sree sooktham, bhagya sooktham ,durga sooktham etc;

IN the cow's urine water (varunan) in the cow's dung Agni is there, in the curd vaayu(air) is there, in the milk Moon is there. in ghee suryan is there.

First abishekam with water, then apply gingilly oil, then water ,then pancha kavyam, then water, then panchamritam. then water, do abishekam like this.
Many thanks thiru Kgopalan for your explanation. Can you elaborate on the meaning of the different ingredients use for abhishegam ,for example milk ....... for long life, honey ...... for melodious voice etc.. please.
abishekam items and their friuts.

Water manashanthi
gingilly oil Bhakthi
sandalwood oil sugam

Rice flour kedudhal neenga
manjal podi Raja vasyam
Nellikai podi Ayul; Arogyam;relief from disease.

Vaasanai dravyam Ayul valimai.
Panchaamrutham deergha ayul.
Jaggary powder destroys enemies.

Honey sangeetha(esai) vanmai.
Ghee Moksham
cow's milk to increse ayul.

cow's curd santhaana vridhi
sugarcsne juice sasthra virpannar.
lemon yama bayam neekkam

Plantain fruit more yield in agriculture.
mango fruit sakala vasyam.
jack fruit world vasyam.

grapes. fear removal
pomegranate enemies removal
orange nalla budhi

coconut thuruval Arasurimai
tender coconut nalla puthira peru
cooked rice victory.

kasthuri getting victory.
korojanai japa sidhi
Veebhudhi gnanam

pachai kalpooram bayam neekudhal.
rose water vaalvu valamaaga
valamburi sangu water theevinai neengum

vasthram Raaja yogam
flowers magilchi
kumbam water Aswamedha yaaga palan

gold vairaagyam
sahasra dharai profit.

copied from the book written by Dr. v v parthasarathy Sri Ranganatha charities, 3 ansari street ,ram nagar, coimbatore.
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