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IT-Comp-Prolems faced by!!!

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The health hazards of IT professionals - SiliconIndia

The health hazards of IT professionals siliconindia news bureau
Saturday, 08 May 2010, 12:51 IST

Bangalore :Majority of the doctors say that it is high time for the public to change their mindset about IT professionals being the happiest ones since they make a good deal of money. But the long working hours, less inter-personal interaction and deadlines affect the psychological well-being of techies and they end up paying heavily on health front.

"IT sector contribution to India's GDP has increased from 1.2 percent in 1997-98 to 5.8 percent in 2008-09.The sector is contributing a lot and there are few empirical studies related to the physical and psychological problems associated with the demanding and strenuous routine of IT professionals." said Sharma.

Around 52 percent complained of headache, body ache and backache. Only 10 percent confirmed of visiting a doctor regularly. On the psychological well-being scale, 8 percent were found least competent, 51 percent were competent and 41 percent were in the category of competent, but these too were borderline cases. When questioned about job satisfaction, only 8 percent confirmed fair liking, 15 percent did not like their job and 77 percent were just doing their part. Of the 1,000, 61 percent had started consuming alcohol and 43 percent smoking as an alternative to beat stress.

In a recent research, conducted on 1,000 software professionals in the age group of 20-30 years, a young MBBS from city Dr Himanshu Sharma, under his mentor Dr Mudassir Azzez Khan and team members Dr Aman Kumar and Dr Abhinit Kumar found that most IT professionals did not like their work.

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i think it is good that health hazards of i.t. professionals have been brought to light.

i also think, that this is not intended to abrogate the i.t. field of employment, but a caution to heed. in every field there is hazard.

for a doctor, to be on constant proximity to the patient is a hazard. for a soldier to be posted in kashmir or pak border or fight maoists is a hazard. for a traffic policeman in chennai, i do not know which is the bigger hazard - the unruly traffic or the pollution.

for such people as mentioned above, there is no choice, but they have to live with it, as part of their profession. in fact, i think, there is no opportunity for mitigation of their hazards.

in the case of i.t., with proper care like an ergonomic chair, laptop holders, proper spacing of the person from the keyboard, regular breaks and such stuff, a person can make his or her job environment manageable.

re most i.t. profressionals not liking their work, i think, we all need to think a little more than we often do, when counselling our children re careers. in some cases, there is no other options. personally, i think, as tamil brahmins, we tend to be narrowly honed towards a few career choices, and all of his, like the proverbial sheep follow a few examples of successes in such field.

to think out of the box, or tangentially and pick careers, lucrative and interesting, but different, appers to send the chills of unconformity among many of us.
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