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IT Career related - What are the career advice you'd give for a techie who work in a service based company?


New member
I'm a .NET developer of around 7.5 years Exp. currently working in a service based org in SIPCOT,Chennai. My aspirations are Onsite and career growth. What are the career advice one would give me to achive this?


Well-known member
I used to be the software industry, but I am obsolete now.
You know your industry best. Maybe you should try a different industry or location to further your career.
It does help you to get special training in some of the latest software.
These are very general guidelines.
It might be worth spending some money on a career coach to analyze your potential and advice you. Please find the best and well-connected coach.


Well-known member
1.First try to make a transition from Application field to product domain. .You have developped appln s/w for a product you are exposed to
2. Try to get exposed to new areas such as cloud computing and such latest field
3 If possible get a PG degree like MBA which will open many new areas such as marketing finance etc

Best of luck

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