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ISRO - TrailBlazer of India's Space Mission !

ISRO - TrailBlazer of India's Space Mission !

Hats off to a clinical execution of the Chandrayaan space mission, by the brilliant ISRO team. Great job folks, this is the kind of exceptional work that gives us true pride in our country's ability !

It is great to see a Tamilan K Sivan, leading this ISRO team, and it is an additional pride for us in TN. These guys are competing at the global level, beating the big guys of NASA, Russian and Chinese space agencies !!

In an island of incompetence, incoherence and nincompoops, ISRO is truly an island of exceptional talent and brilliant results !!

High time the govt hires such talents like Mr. K Sivan from the psu's and private sector who have experience on large scale governance, into the cabinet to help drag us out of the morass of failing infrastructure, dire poverty and untold diseases !!
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