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Islam's other victims: INDIA

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Shiv temple turns into slaughterhouse in Pakistan

Just received this email from HinduJagruthi:

A self-proclaimed Muslim cleric have seized a century old historic Shiv temple located in Pawaldass compound of Lyari town, Karachi, Sindh province. This Shiv temple has been turned into a slaughter area by local butchers.

"They have erased the pictures of Hindu deities from the tiles of the temple, and forced Hindu worshippers to move to a small nearby room, where not more than two people can worship at a given time." - Iqbal Haider, general secretary of the HRCP

An online campaign has been initiated to support human rights of devotees which sends an auto-generated e-letter to Indian and Pakistan government. Please read the details and consider to participate in protest drive at -


If you agree with the cause of petition, please support it by forwarding this email to your friends and communities.

Vande Mataram
I have signed the petition.


-- Viswanath
Ridiculous Attitude

PPl who didnt utter single word on Jammu CM , Former CM for communalising the issue claimed it was BJP communalising it......Lets not forget while SIMI was banned newspaper wrote against it. When Malegon blast they accused Hindus. The weakness we have is we are taking things seriously. We have to express our protest on eac issue where facts is ignored; where assumptions are made and where guessing work is done by the selfish ppl.

Forget other countries. Within India, do you think the threat posed by Islamic Fundamentalism is fully recognised ? We have an UP Chief Minister who gives a clean chit to SIMI, we have a Left Front (sob's) which didn't utter a word when 200 lives were lost in Mumbai blasts, we have a former & current CM of J&K pleading for clemency for Afzal, i mean the list is endless. Instead of clamouring for international support, the need of the hour is for the Indian Govt to first accept that there is a problem & then evolve a strategy to contain, mitigate & eliminate terrorism of any kind. India is behaving like a cry baby while what the citizens expect is a firm, iron-handed response. Especially if India wants to be a UN Security Council Member & play a more meaningful role in the international arena, it should first demonstrate that it has the willingness & the wherewithal to put it's own house in order first.
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