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Islamic fundamentalism - prognosis

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The rise of Islamic fundamentalism world-wide is causing concerns, especially to those countries that follow different faiths, notably Christianity and Hinduism. Implications of this could be multi-faceted: political, geographical, economical and cultural. Apart from these, the threats to lives and settlements of the innocent population at the ground-level are incalculable.

Why this sudden ascent in Islamic fundamentalism?

This is a question being asked by everybody. If we look for the causes, we can find these as the major ones.

1. Growing intolerance amongst Muslims, in general, towards people of other faiths and beliefs, whom they call infidels’.

2. In countries where they are in majority, they declare themselves an Islamic state, evolving the laws of governance and social practices based on Koran and its edicts.

3. But in countries where they are only minority, they still demand separate set of laws guaranteeing full autonomy to them, in religious, social and cultural spheres.

4. This ‘autonomy’ is not granted to the religious minorities in Muslim nations. On the contrary, several restrictions are placed on the minorities to openly profess their faith and follow individualistic customs. All languages which are considered alien to Arabic group are considered unfriendly / inimical.

5. Islamic societies, due to historic reasons,cannot function on democratic lines and they have been ruled only by monarchs, dictators or military leaders. Thus, they have only two options: absolute tyranny or servility.
Obviously, the second one before leaders or groups following other religions is simply unthinkable and is possible only in ‘their own’ nations.

6. In the name of defending Koran and following the diktats of Mullahs and Imams, the religious bigots, majority of them want others to embrace their religion or face the consequences. This is sometimes a veiled threat
and many a time, an open threat.

7. The abundance of petroleum fields have enriched the middle-east group of countries with billions of petro-dollars and this economic might of theirs must have given them the wherewithal and necessary courage to export terrorism to countries that contain ‘infidels’.


Youngsters, even highly educated and working as professionals in other countries are indoctrinated so deeply on religious lines and importance of ‘jihad’ (holy war to defend Islam), ‘fiyadeen’ (suicide attacks) and ‘fatwas’ (commands from the top echelons of religious order) are emphasized and people are made to internalize these concepts. People who were brain-washed thus lose their capacity to think rationally and become beasts in human form.

Even right-thinking people within their own community either countenance all these ugly goings on or tacitly support such activities, without any sense of guilt.

When terrorists are found in their midst, the community elders do not chide them nor throw them out nor inform the law-enforcing agencies (police/any investigating agency/army). Instead, they choose to protect the ‘black sheep’ by giving them food, shelter and even organizing resources for them to meet, plan and act. This is nothing but active connivance.

Sadly, nobody realizes that their religion has come to be associated with terrorism, even though peace-loving people among them who adopt a neutral stance are still the majority (> 70 %).


1. Since Chechnya and Kazakhstan are now affected by the rise of Islamic radical groups, Russia which was once their natural ally in Afghanistan, Iran etc. may be compelled to rethink about continuing their friendly ties
with all the Islamic states in general and the aforesaid countries in particular.

2. Some parts of China are also witnessing upcoming Islamic radicalism and thismay force it to withdraw all its moral, economical and military support to Pakistan, Iran and others.

3. Israel and USA will become partners to India in combating global terrorism and India may have to openly acknowledge receiving help from Israel one day, even if it means loss of Islamic vote bank locally.

4. All the countries outside the Islamists ring may jointly strive for developing alternate fuels, so as to reduce their dependency on petroleum products.

5. In the world bodies, the representation of the Islamists may become low and their voices weak. Furthermore, severe economic sanctions against the rogue states may be imposed. Thus, it will be a kind of global ostracism.

How fast all these are going to happen is entirely in the hands of the groups led by Osama Bin Laden, Mulla Omar, Dawood Ibrahim, ISI and their supporters.
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There is no sudden ascent of fundamental Islamism.The religion alongwith Christanity,Judaism considers other than their own god as Infidels,Kafirs,Not Kosher,Pagans,Idol Worshippers....etc.They have no tolerance for people of other faiths as per their religious books.

There is only one Sun visible,but every religion says,its Hindu Sun,Christian Sun,Islamic Sun,Judaism Sun,Sikh Sun........just to give an example Sun = God.

Nice reflection on Sun, Bala. But, only after the youth educated abroad and working as professionals started getting involved in terrorist activities in many places (outside Israel), this networking with other terror outfits, training in sophisticated arms and modern technology (esp. in satellite communication, aero-navigation etc.) this kind of organised attacks on innocent targets, without any impunity have gathered momentum. The worst part of it is they openly challenge the security forces by giving advance intimation about the next attacks - place and time also mentioned. They are able to get local support also and this makes the task of local police/para-military forces or even army very difficult. They are able to get mobile phones with locally purchased sim cards, passports with local address etc. They are able to hijack planes. They are able to come into the country and go out as they like, with the connivance of the locally sympathetic elements even in the police and customs. Added to this is the huge money they give as bribe to the govt officials, as rent for local tenements which make their job easier.

With the help of neighbouring country, large amounts of counterfeit currency notes of high value are let into circulation, paralysing the economy itself. Latest is receiving 'commando type military and navigational training' from serving and retired personnel of Pakistani personnel (read as ISI).

All these are latest developments say, in the last 10 or 15 years only. Agreed?
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Pannvalan,again i wish to reiterate its not recent.The religious scriptures sanction such wanton acts in the name of their respective gods.I agree its a narrow interpretation of scriptures literally speaking,but that is what was/is happening.

For Indians,its been there for the last 2500 years,when we lost from Egypt,Mecca,Medina,Israel,Nazareth.....etc.The Greeks,Romans messed things up for us big time.

India was independent with its own cultural heritage as individual Kingdoms under a rule of Charavarthi.Like Ashoka,Shalivahana,Saka....Present day Middle East was part of India only,they were paying taxes to Indian Chakravarthis.But from Afghanistan invaders like Ghazni,Gauri....etc attacked,converted Hindus to Islam.Pakistans ancestors are Hindus.So are Afghanistans ancestors.So are I raq,Iran...and so on....but none will acknowledge lest their rule today is shaken...Somewhere in the past as in the present Indians lost it.Wimps as beings has become second nature and keep running to UNSC members to solve are pitiable mis-fortunes.Its a shame and a sham.But when i researched as to why all this happening,we have to just juxtapose Tamil Brahmins being treated by Tamil Nadu other communities to Indians being treated similiarly with other world countries.Bad communicators.People who are powerful UNSC countires just love to put down India and its leaders.Why?Becoz we are wimps,is an opinion,that i have formed off late.Sorry.


Please understand that the several invasions in the past were done, with most of the soldiers fighting openly. The entire country and its people were aware of the invaders and their identity. India was not under single rule or authority until 1947. Internecine quarrels only allowed the enemy forces poke their nose here and finally grab our land too.

But, see now. Most of the terrorists are well educated and many of them are quite affluent too. Some 'democratic' nations also support them, train them and usher them in to our country, clandestinely. This is how organised infiltration takes place continuously.

Now inspite of having more armed forces, better array of modern weapons and larger and more sophisticated warfare equipments (tanks, missiles, guns, ships, jets etc.), we are unable to teach a lesson to the culprits which they cannot forget for another 100 years.

Why? This is only because of our 'tolerant' culture and accommodative nature which is easily exploited by the enemies, as we have seen prior to 1962 Indo-China war.
Vast tracts of our land in strategic frontiers have fallen into the possession of the enemies. Yet, we have done nothing. On the contrary, we talk of confidence building measures and good neighbourly relationships and statesmanship and so on.

Whom are we fooling indeed?
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Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism is very much real... we are only endangering ourselves by delusions of tolerance and broad outlook...

Explanations of brahman or commonness of depicting god to them falls on deaf ears... so tuned and brainwashed are they by their theory...

We have been cursed with jelly-kneed politicians (we brought it upon ourselves, I should say) who do not have the courage to call a spade a spade...

Kuniya kuniya kuttikittu thaan sir irupaanga... eppovaavadhu nimirndhu ninna thaan nambalayum porutpaduthuvaan... aana apdi nikkaradhukku thunivu venum...

We are third rated citizens in our own homeland... first right to resources to the minority!!! what nonsense is this... and that too coming from our PM, but probably he is hiding behing the folds of 10 janpath...

There are pockets in India where the muslims still view themselves as under the nawab's rule...

India is still not freed.... not yet...
Truly speaking,ennakku vetkamma irrukku,especially 11/26 akramam aanathukku piragu.But one thing,the drones are working in NW provinces.Zardari is in full agreement with USA & NATO.

Our religion is too accomadative.12 different darshanas says it all about us.Unique in human life.Despite that,India is buzzing with life,love,compassion.

The reason all these are happening is,Hindus did proselytise,a vast tract of land and people.Islam was born out of Hindu pathos.The minority of Islam are taking a dangerous path of confronting Christians & Jews.Christians will eliminate threats with absolute faith.

Sanathana Dharma makes us very very understanding even at the heights of glaring truths.Imagine what Pakistan has been doing in the name of Islam to Indians.Now Bangladesh,Nepal,Sri Lanka have joined to haunt and torment Indians.

Adhu seri sir, but how long can we drool on our richness of culture and religion?

Mudhugu veengindu irukku, avan kudukara adiyile... appo poyi vedantham pesa mudiyuma?

Raja dharmam nu onnu irukku... adhai kaiyala aagadha kozha pasanga kitte kuduthootu matindu muzhikarom...

Neither here nor there... we are between the devil and the deep blue sea...
S S,i am with you in the feeling about being Kozhai.But,just for a second,think.What if the jihadis aka ISI wanted to remove the Pak Army from NW province and bring it over to Eastern flank with India,so that,Pak Army can escape from American & NATO diktats of killing Al-Qaeda,Taliban.As these fundus are Islam too and Americans are hated by all in the Islamic lands.They only act as if they like.Exactly the same with Hindu India also.I think Sardarji & Co,did some serious thinking and has adopted wait & watch.Becoz UNSC memebers are fed up with Paki double games and double talk deals,IMHO.

No no... I did not just linger on the 26/11 incident... rather on the happennings since the moslems invaded india...

Leave the old to history... at least after being freed from british slavery, we should have shaped ourselves...
No no... I did not just linger on the 26/11 incident... rather on the happennings since the moslems invaded india...

Leave the old to history... at least after being freed from british slavery, we should have shaped ourselves...

ok,gotcha..but we have progressed after British left,maybe too slowly compared with say USA.But,every nation has a jataka.People usually draw the chart from 1947 August 15 Midnight but actually Indians day is sun rise to next sunrise as a day,per definitions of old panchangam,which would make Aug 14th.But,it was prophesised that for 1000 or 1200 years bharth will be subjugated by mlechas and then will become free and a golden period will start.I think astrologer sanjay rath has written somehwere....

But i wonder,if Indias RAW know about this or IB CID NIA,then what the heck are these bums doing?Doesn't make any sense letting people attack innocent civilians,when they have been elected to protect,as a tacit contract thru voting.All politicians must be sued and thrown into jail,rascals.

The problem is, I think, that they are too much concerned for the minority vote banks... if they start raiding such cells, we have buffoons like lalu prasad yadav who vehemently start criticising the govt... for mere votes...

The next day headlines could be "Innocent Muslims rounded up under covert actions of police"... ndtv would start a live program with interviews of the "innocent" victims' families and start a furore...

Such is the rotten state of our governance....
S S all muslims are not terrorist.There is a very group which is recruting them based on poverty,religious hatred ie intolerance,plus neighbor of India,who are bent on destroying Indias rise.I suspect Chinese especially after 11/26,the way they have mollycoddling with Pakis and Pakis giving them free blank check.Heck USA,should take note of this dangerous trend in South Asia.Paki has become a slime ball and like a snake slithering in holes.

S S all muslims are not terrorist.

Agreed, but the majority are... and these are of two kinds - one who has taken up arms and the one who hasn't yet...

There is a very group which is recruting them based on poverty,religious hatred ie intolerance,

There have been many instances where well educated youngsters are hell bent on extremism... I, myself have spoken to a few...
There is only one way to get rid of this mess which we are currently in... as you said, we need a mass movement - a people's movement, to cleanse the dirt and stench of the current band of politicians... to start on a fresh ground...

But it is up to us... as in every other case, we have to decide and act...
I think,the next three months something is going to happen again like Mumbai.I have got a bad feeling.

S S all muslims are not terrorist.There is a very group which is recruting them based on poverty,religious hatred ie intolerance,plus neighbor of India,who are bent on destroying Indias rise.I suspect Chinese especially after 11/26,the way they have mollycoddling with Pakis and Pakis giving them free blank check.Heck USA,should take note of this dangerous trend in South Asia.Paki has become a slime ball and like a snake slithering in holes.

hi sb,



This is total bs.I would place Christians first,if one really does the research.But then all Christians are not terrorist either.Just as we have bad apples in hindu religion too.God has a plan.And things are working according to gods plan.All i know for a fact is,When you become love, you automatically exude compassion towards everyone and everything around you.

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