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Ishta Devatas

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I thought it would be interesting to know who everyone's Ishta Devata is. It's always interesting for me to know who worships which god or goddess on a regular basis. For me, it is Sri Ganesh.

I know 'ishta' means 'chosen', but I really think he chose me, instead of me choosing him. And, I have a feeling it's been like this for more than just this lifetime, but I cannot prove that, of course.

Thanks all!
My name in this forum itself says which is my ishta devatha. Yes. My ishta devatha is "Shri Durgamabika" (Especially kanagadurga- who is in Alagappan nagar, Madurai)

First it happens from the experience at home in childhood.For me it was first Shiva- the ruling deity of the local temple where I was brought up in my childhood(my grandfather's place). For passing my school test , for healing of the wound after falling down etc I will pray to this Thrikkaarappan-(lord shiva at local place temple as called ).Then afterwards when I moved to another place to my parnets' home ,it was Sri Ayyappa, as the ruling deity of temple in that place, and he became helpful in granting my childhood wishes (chinna chinna aasai only). And it graduated to Sabarimalai Ayyappan.
Subsequently when Devi Sri Mookambika of Kollur answered my prayers after an unexpected visit to the temple,on a particularly sticky issue and solved the problem, I started worshipping her in my mind everyday(alongwith Shiva and Ayyappa).

Now all the above are my Ishta Devataas and I do maanasa pooja everyday to them.
It may be just naama smaranam, an occasional remittance to temples,or when possible a visit to those local native temples or to the temples where same deity is worshipped.

to me, my God is everywhere and always near me.

as prahlada says, 'Yes. He is there, He is in you, He is in me, He is in this thooN (pillar) and He is also in a thurumbu '

i guess, i carry my ishtadeivam with & in me. :)

it is my personal God within me. i guess since it is hanuman prayers that i chant several times a day in my mind, we can call him hanuman.

but hanuman is a personification of a supreme God to whom all of us pay obeisance. i am unable to explain it beyond that, as i am not very educated in philosophies or scriptures.

hope this is ok.
Namaste Sri kunjuppu,

I think I get what you are saying. It does not matter which form of the Lord we worship, it is all the same. I believe Lord Krishna says in the Gita that he resides in everyone's heart. My heart just happens to also have Ganesh. ;) I have also taken a recent lovingness of Sri Santoshi Maa. If I am mistaken in what you meant, please do correct me.
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