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Is Tamil Brahmin society hypocritical?

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As a group, Tamil Brahmins claim that they have achieved in many areas right from using the intellect to making money in billions of dollars. But what is the mark of identity of this group? At present, almost nothing except the claim that our forefathers lived a brahminical life hundreds of years ago and the fact that still majority of the group does not eat meat as a regular diet. we have our own religious practices like Upakarma and take pride in going on street bare bodied and showing the sacred thread perhaps wearing it on such occasions only. What about our daily life?

Brahmins' main activity is protection of Vedas and Dharma Sastras. What do we do in these areas? How many of us still do Sandhyavandanam at least once a day? Do we remember Gayatri mantra which is the minimum requirement to retain bramhanya? Individually are we not afraid of showing our identity in the society including wearing tilak on the forehead? If we claim that as a social group we are far ahead of others why this fear and apathy to adherence to Vedic traditions at least in a limited way? It is time for the community to introspect and see genuine ways to retain the identity as brahmins instead of just being proud of being the great great grandson of so and so Dikshitar. Please share your views.
Who is a Brahmin?

by Jyotsna Kamat

The belief that people born in brahmin caste, automatically become brahmins, is a much later concept in the very ancient land of India. In the pre-Gita period (before the beginning of the Christian era) a Brahmin was a person who had attained highest spiritual knowledge (brahmavidya). This was an extremely difficult path of discipline of body, mind , and intellect, and people irrespective of their birth or class, who dedicated to such an austere life were recognized as brahmins.
A great example of this tradition (that a person becoming a brahmin, rather than born as one) is the case of Vishwamitra, a warrior (kshatriya), who became a brahmin after attaining brahmavidya, and composed the Gayatri mantra, the most sacred hymn of the Hindus.

A smritis, or code of conduct composed by sage Atri defines brahminhood very clearly.

"By birth, every man is a Shudra (an ignorant person). Through various types of disciplines (samskaras), he becomes a dwija (twice born). Through the studies of scriptures, he becomes a vipra (or a scholar). Through realization of supreme spirit (brahmajnana), he becomes a brahmin."

The Bhagavad-Gita divides1 the class of people into four categories of Brahmana, Kshtriya, Vaishya, and Shudra depending on the traits (svabhava) inherent in individuals.

Kamat's Potpourri: Brahmins - Who is a Brahmin?

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Mr. Bhaskaran,
You say:
Brahmins' main activity is protection of Vedas and Dharma Sastras.

Can you pont out your authority for this statement.
This topic has been discussed in this forum, a number of times.
If you search you will find multiple threads.
I agree with Mr. Prasad. For better or for worse the current Kaliyuga has moved beyond Vedas and Dharma Shastras. For example, very few people can speak Sanskrit any more.

If the Vedic age were happening today, Brahmins would be defined as individuals who imbibe and practice education, have strong intellect and wisdom, have curiosity and knowledge, are interested in pursuing literature and arts or play a leading role in the development of science and technology. Interestingly, many individuals of the Brahmin caste perform these roles admirably. Of course there are many non-Brahmins and non-Hindus who also fit these contemporary descriptions rather well.

This topic has been discussed umpteen times in this forum, with five stars, in the GD section!
It is better to go through the threads in this forum, before starting a new one! :ranger:
BTW I have a question for everyone here...Why are TB's always finding fault with themselves?

Does it really matter if one is a "True" Brahmin or a "Namesake" Brahmin?

Does God really take into account all this wordly classification?

Only God can confer us the title of being a True Devotee or Bhakta.

So why spend so much time on things that no one has absolute control on?

Finding fault with ones own self too often is pathological.

Relax and just have coordination with Thought,Words and Deeds(TriKarana Suddhi) is more than enough.

Even if anyone fails and falls while trying to maintain TriKarana Suddhi it is actually no big deal.

Society might kick you but God won't.
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This ThirukkuraL should be well understood by every human being.

"பிறப்பொக்கும் எல்லா உயிர்க்கும் சிறப்பொவ்வா

செய்தொழில் வேற்றுமை யான்."

"pirappokkum ellA uyirkkum sirappovvA

seythozhil vEtrumai yAn"

All men that live are one in circumstances of birth;

Diversities of works give each his special worth. :high5:

Translation by Thiru, G. U. Pope

:Cry: . . . :nono:

:ballchain: . . . :first:


Crying over the unchangeable should not be our aim!

Hard work will give the first prize we wish to claim!!
Ref. post 6 by Renu:

Very well said, Renu.

If I try to thinkj on the lines raised in your post, I think it is out of guilty feeling that TBs keep asking questions raised in the OP. Material issues lure TBs as they do with other human beings. While TBs fall for it, they feel guilty in a corner of their mind. It is perhaps out of a superiority complex (holier-than-thou attitude) and a sort of supposed self-control.

Poor TBs... They must realise that they remain an ordinary human with usual temptations. This cry for "beholding the rich past" is not genuine, I guess.
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