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Is Mesopotamia "the cradle of civilization", meaning the site where human civilization first emerged and developed?


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Civilization seems to have sprouted in numerous places around the world. from Gobekli Tepe to Mohenjo Daro and other sites. But these all seem to have been one-hit-wonders, ‘flash in the pan’ civilizations that never made it very far or for very long. We have the ruins of a few very ancient cities, but not much else.

Mesopotamia was different, as was Egypt. When civilization appeared there, it stayed, and we have records of one sort or another that the establishments were continuous to the present day. And all along the timeline, those nascent civilizations grew in size, power, and sophistication. We know the names and deeds of the kings of the nations that grew up between and around the Tigris, Euphrates, and Nile Rivers. We can see the drama of their existence as it occurred over the millennia.

So, while other sites showed evidence of “civilization” those cultures were short-lived and unimportant in the great scheme of things. And so, for the reasons of age, persistence, and growth, the traditional “cradles of civilization” keep their titles.

As far as we know the ancient cities surrounding ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia exiting some 4-5,000 years BC, but Sumer is the first city we know of that had a traditional orthography (written language), mathematics, agriculture, and time government along with advanced building design and structure.

Humans (hominids) were present on Earth for thousands of years before the Sumerian came along, but were without intricate communications and mathematic, mush less engineering acumen.

And not at all unlike hundreds of other advanced ancient cultures, the Sumerians insist that their scientific knowledge was given to them by “Sky Gods” heralding from the heavens.

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