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Is it really illegal to give lift to a stranger in India? Here's a fact check


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Yes, be careful. Giving a lift to strangers can put you in trouble. Recently, when Nitin Nair, a Navi Mumbai resident, played the Good Samaritan by giving lift to a few people stranded on the road due to heavy rains, he did not know his act of kindness will invite trouble. Nair ended up paying a fine of Rs 1,500 and running from pillar to post for days to get his driving licence back.

Nair was charged under Section 66(1) read with Section 192 (a) of the Motor Vehicles Act, which deals with using vehicles for transportation without the requisite permit.

Nair, whose Facebook post on the incident has gone viral, told Mumbai Mirror, “My intention was to help people and this is what I got in return. If such is the law of our country, then no one will help a person even if he is dying on the road.”

The law does not actually prohibit you from giving a lift to anyone. The law under which Nair was punished actually prohibits use of personal vehicle as a commercial one. But his Facebook post can make people think the law itself is so draconian as to prohibit you from helping someone on the road. Nair's vehicle was followed by the cops and they thought he was using it as a stage carrier. So Nair's was a case of mistaken identity.

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