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Is brahmin political leaders helped brahmins?

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Dear friends,
I saw on sep 21 hindu newspaper on page 12 that west bengal chief minster Buddhadep bhattacharjee(IS BRAHMIN) told his party student wing SFI(student federation of india) that CPI(M) would resist attempts by rich and upper castes to monopalise education.

We can see that our own community C.M budd told like this(which is not true). Let me come to point. Most off anti brahmins groups try yo tell that brahmins ruled most of india and most off time because off it brahmins are at high level.We will see if these brahmin leaders helped our community.

First let us take our southen states former and present chief minster of
T.N,A.P,KARNATAKA,KERELA,AND PONYCHERY). In T.N (rajaji, janaki M.G.R, Jayalathitaa) i dont know abt M.G.R. In A.P(P.V.Narashima rao), In Karnataka( Gundu rao, Ramakrishna hedge), Kerela(E.M.S Namboodiripad) i dont know about E.K.Nayanar. If you know these pepole helped our community please let us in forum know about it. You can also write if you know any other C.m.,minster,MLA,MP and political parites present and past how did they helped us?

Did they just helped our community or just add one number off brahmins who ruled our country?

Looking for u repaly.
One more think to add in the oversight committee which oversee the reservation policy in higher education there are two brahmins ministers. They are Defence minister Pranab mukkerjee and Law minister Hansraj bharadwaj.
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