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IPL Cricket Finals: Chennai Vs Bangalore

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Voila...Wow..what a cricket.. what a win!

From the beginning it was thrilling...and the local boys Ashwin and Vijay put the nail on the coffin of RCB...they were pummeled to submission by Dhoni and boys from minute one!

Unbelievable.... retaining the Championship with Chennai Super Kings!

Hats off Fellows!
Sri.Kunjuppu asked -

why cannot they hit fours and sixes like this, in the regular test matches?

Sri. Kunjuppu, greetings. 20-20 match lasts 20 overs per innings; still 10 wickets to play with. So, more risks can be taken. When it comes to risks, more can be taken in 50 over matches than the test match; ridiculous risks can be taken in 20-20 matches compared to 50 over matches.

Test matches are endurance testing matches too. Balls are bowled outside the off-stump in the uncomfortable corrodor to reduce scoring. Field settings are quite different too.

In the test matches (and in one day matches) pitches wear out; ball wear out; player wear out...umpires wear out too.

But Virender Shewag is different. For him as a batsman, every type of cricket is the just the same!

IPL Cricket Finals: Chennai vs Bangalore.

I supported Royal Challengers Bangalore for the IPL Cup. They failed miserably. After the unfortunate dismissal of the hit-man Christopher Henry Gayle, it was a total disaster! Bangalore team's misfielding was surprising . I could notice pain in the face of Captain Daniel Vettori, usually a cheerful and composed person. As a spectator I was highly disappointed to see the failure of my home team to give a good fight.

Chennai Super Kings deserve the Cup, Congratulations. My appreciations to Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his intelligent use of medium pace off swingers like Ravichandran Aswin instead of fast bowlers. Young 27 year old Murali Vijay and the seasoned Micheal Hussey, (the Wizard of Oz, considered second only to Sir Donald Bradman in Test scores) gave excellent performance to take Chennai to the top.

How true it is that Cricket is wonderful game.


after nearly 40 years i am getting hooked on to cricket. mostly fast cricket. i watched the world cup. and now the IPL4.

thanks to technology. youtube and indiatimes together teamed up to provide free live feed. there were other sites too, but i found i could only access through youtube.

also, with a connection from the PC to the TV, one could watch as a live match on TV, except that the internet receptions are a bit choppy.

amazing how cricket has progressed and variations derived to suit the needs and interest to suit the current times. one maami reported that she loved the 20/20 only because she could sit only for so long, and the match finished in 4 hours or less. i can relate to this.

some matches really do have nail biting finish, though this one was one sided. if the score is anywhere from 140 - 160, no one can predict the ending.

well, B, there is always next year :) for the RCs!!
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'Players have right to choose country or club' | Kapil Dev | IPL | Indian Express

an unexpected outcome of the cricket leagues. conflicting schedules. which is more important?

canada has grappled with this for ages. the national sport here is ice hockey. the national hockey league is more respected and has a wider fan following than any political party or movie star. many a time, the league schedules clash with the international matches and olympics. while the league tries its best to avoid such, it is not always the case.

in those times, the league wins over national teams.

interesting how this would play out in india, though kapil has a very broadminded attitude towards this. :)
Well, growing up in rural Ramanathapuram, I did not like much of cricket, I didn't play at all - I used to bad mouth about it reminding often what Bernard Shaw said about cricket.

Our pastime was and has been Soccer - the Football and I should have been MORE thrilled about the Champions League Football finals between Barcelona and United Manchester!

Behold there! Something changed... I started liking the IPL matches more than football... all because of the format and the matches are over in about 3-4 hours and I get live streaming via Broadband connection - a marvel of technology!

Clearly, RCB was a top tier team beating Sachin's Mumbai Indians! But CSK clinched the berth very early on in Mumbai beating the RCB a few days ago... and were well rested for the final onslaught!

Yes, maybe, next Session, RCB may teach the CSK a lesson or two! There are friends here in Houston, crying for Sachin, though!

On Soccer, Barcelona established their superiority over the Manchester United (3-1) yesterday! Repeating 2009!

What a weekend of first-class sports entertainment!
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