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Introduction and Slokas

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I'm Shriram (a) Mani, residing in Nanganallur, Chennai. My native place is Kumbakonam. Working in IBM.
I have some collections of slokas in text. Just wanted to share those with all of you.

Shriram (a) Mani


  • annapoornashtakam.pdf
    11.1 KB · Views: 263
  • bhajagovindam.pdf
    69 KB · Views: 237
  • Kadgamala.pdf
    620.1 KB · Views: 316
  • mahalakshmi ashtakam.pdf
    83.5 KB · Views: 277
  • meenakshi nava ratnamala.pdf
    12.6 KB · Views: 238
Dear Krishnamachari avl.
this is very good. today only i saw this and very glad and happy to know this type of information. god bless you. good luck
(sr. cit)
Dear Krishnamachari,

Thanks for your service. Let God's full grace be showered on you.
Please continue sharing what every you get rare and precious slogams like Kadgamala.

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