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Internet Addiction

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Dr Renuka,

It was an insightful article, revealing the other side of us, hitherto unknown to ourselves.

I agree, it's compulsive obsessive disorder. People forget the real world, skip their prior engagements, do not talk to those in their close circles properly, never eat on time, confine themselves to their homes and thus avoid going out etc.

It has both personal and social genesis.

1. People who have low self esteem.

2. People who do not find sufficient time and other resources to move out.

3. People who enjoy fantasy.

4. People who nurse a grudge that their talents are not properly recognised by

5. People who are very talkative, but avoided by known persons.

6. People who have some thrill and attraction in visiting those sites, which are
generally forbidden areas in real life.

7. Finally, people who are so passionate about knowing too many things, mostly
irrelevant too.

I think I have covered most of the important reasons. However, I shall post more, in due course.
In the seventies,(I think so) there was this " Rubic's Cube'.It was a passion and addiction for youngsters.(even elders also). There was a syndrome called 'Rubic's Thumb" a disorder for the thumb by constantly manipulating on the cube. Now it is the internet.

The first encounter I had with internet, I remember, it brought to my mind what I heard about Sri Krishna and Yashoda.-- Yashoda asked little Krishna to open his mouth to check whether he has swallowed mud. But when Krishna opened his little mouth, what Yashoda saw was the whole Universe.

Internet is akin to it. Everything is available there.. only to the user.without anybody knowing it. A so called "kick" feeling to himself-oblivious to the environment. The user can create or destroy anything in his fantasies.

Can be alone , or with thousands of pals and peers.


So just like the feeling of alcohol, drugs and other hallucinating matters, it gives a virtual belonging, virtual happiness or hate ..a self gratification..... wanting for more...which leads to addiction.

Probably(God Forbid things going to that extreme), internet de-addiction therapy centres also may be coming soon.

Man's ingenuity and cuiosity invents many new comforts.. getting alongwith those, new problems.
Similar to the saying 'History solves most existing problems ,putting forth a new one'..

thank you renu. a good article.

i am one who has the internet 'on' throughout my waking hours, whether i am at home or office. from one teeny weeny corner of the world, i have a window to soooo much knowledge and information, that it is astounding.

the next wonderment is google. for the common man, who about 20 years ago, had to go to the library to do research, now has them all at his fingertips.

i pay my bills through the net. yesterday the canadian government wanted to discuss voting through the net (i am for it. perhaps i will vote then).

without the net, i will not know renu, pann or venkat and the rest.

i have found, that it has reduced my reading time considerably. i used to read about 100 pages of fiction, on average, a day. now it is more like 100 pages a week. t.v. watching has stopped.

but social life, controlled by the wife-boss, has not been hurt. neither has house hold work and duties, as there is always the threat of the wife-boss cutting off privileges :)

sir, i love the way to analyze and detail your thoughts into coherent groups and post them.

you have a lot to tell us. just go ahead and post them, as otherwise you only me bite my nails in suspense :)

pann, may i take this opportunity, to remind you, that we are all still waiting for the long ago promised ghost stories and other personal experiences.

i think the forum has come a long way and i do not think anyone will be offended.

thank you.
Thanks Kunjuppu, for quoting my name too.:laugh:

Internet is a wonderful invention and how we use it is entirely in our hands. We must know when to log in and when to log out - like while driving, use of the accelerator and the brake are first learnt.
Dr. Renuka ji,

Thank you so much for such an important and informative article.

Technological advancements has its own pros and cons...

Every one seems to be advising every other but soon find himself/herself into some sort of addiction. Interestingly with out their own knowledge.

Now a days even kids who all are supposed to play with fellow kids outside are encouraged by parents to get into practice of using P.C and keep learning through websites from a very young age. Because parents wants them to be a genius in future.

Kids are also happy as they could have lots of online/offline computer games. And as they grow they have plenty of entertainment to keep themselves happy and satisfied.
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