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Inspiring Palita Perspectives

This book explains a science concept from a layman view, as the Rishis of the yore did.

Become an Observer of yourself to evolve yourself is the message. From here, how observer drives evolution across the domains of Universe is explained in layman terms. This becomes the design pattern of evolution of Universe.

So we have an observer that drives evolution, something that evolves and the process of evolution.

How does observer influence the process of evolution..? By varying the tri-gunas in the object of evolution. The trigunas of Sattva (entropy or information content or knowledge), Rajas (Energy or passion), Tamas (Mass or heaviness or ignorance).

This book is for ordinary people who do not understand science as well as those who are experts. There is no pseudo-science in the book. Do read and feedback.

For Kindle e-book

For paperback in India - Please leave a comment in the comment section
For paperback in US - Order it online.


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