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Information regarding Temples

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This is regarding a query from a fellow member vmmrs
about Gurusthalam near utthiramerur. I request him to see whether this was the temple he was asking for

This temple is on the uthiramerur-kanchipuram road. 5 km from Uthiramerur, on the left side whilst going from uthiramerur. A very old temple vyakrapureeswarar temple. vyakrapada munivar(person with human body and tigers legs), pathanchali munivar(human body and snake legs and nandi devan were the most sincere followers of Lord Shiva. It seems Lord Shiva danced in chidambaram only on the request of vyakrapada and pathanchali munivars. This temple was built by kulothunga chozhan. Some unique things about this temple are as follows.
You will find dakshinamurthy in the form of arthanaareswarar.
Shivalingam has jada mudi. A very tall shivalingam.
A surangam(subway) exists from here till sundara varadhar temple.
Dwarabalakar statues are very very huge and artistically done.

When you see from the Siva lingam, towards the nandi you will find 7 steps. These 7 steps can be looked as 7 days of a week, and also as the 7 stages of a human life.
(thanks to prabukris)
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