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Information about flower : Karunkuvalai poo

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Dear sir,


The kuvalai (blue-lotus) is a water plant and is hard to grow in house. It will grow in pond-like water bodies. The flower is a favourbale flower for lord shiva and also sanishwara. You can get details of kuvalai from both thirupavai and thiruvempavai. "ongi ulagalanda" and "Painguvalai karmalaral sengamal paimpodhal". In thriupavai, it is clearly given: Theengindri nadellam thingal mummari peidhu ongu perunchennel udu kayalugala ( It means the field should be filled with water, so that fishes should jump their). Only in that condition, Poonguvalai podhu porivandu kan paduppa ( At this condition only, kuvalai will flower). It is wrongly related to blue-shanku pushpa by many of us. But, both are totally different. The padal petra sthala "Thirukuvalai" (Famous for sapthavidanga Kshetra) is beacuse of this flower. The kuvalai flower will have high nectar content and bees are usually attracted toward it. Hence, the dance of thygaraja in thirukuvalai is "Bringi nadanam" (Bee-dance). If you want the seeds can be get from any seed shops in T. nagar itself.

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