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India's national database

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truly an amazing effort. ofcourse it is being led by nandan nilekeni.

the purpose is to give every indian an identity entity - number + scanned info of eyes, fingerprints, gender, dob.

there is a potential for the government to directly xfer benefits to the needy, bypassing the bureaucracy and its penchance for corruption.

folks living in usa or canada, have our social insurance numbers (sin). in 1973, the sin was used as a personal identification number and also key for many applications including our national health insurance. since then, privacy advocates have prevailed, till today, the sin, apart from birth registration, is only used at tax filing purpose.

such is the power and fear of canadian privacy advocates, that during the recent census, there were only rudimentary questions. race and religion was left out, as meant to be too intruding.

Canada Gazette – ORDERS IN COUNCIL

ofcourse, even in india, the concern of privacy has been raised as per the article below. not sure, how powerful how privacy advocates are. as always, the government can invoke fear of terrorist threat, and come up with draconian measures to wiretap and arrest without warrant. in the usa, it is yet to analyzed whether bush era regulations, still maintained by obama, have been as effective as claimed by uncle sam. :)

Tehelka - India's Independent Weekly News Magazine

i think it all depends on how much trust the average man has in his government. in the usa and india, i think it is nil.

as opposed to japan, where the trust is very high and cuts across all class lines. in the recent tsunami disaster, one could see the japanese, listening to radio reports, and behaving in an orderly fashion, to share the benefits of disaster relief, and also at the same time, bearing their due share of pain, instead of the mad rush, that we might see in india or usa, where the fittest through sheer brawn power, will ensure that they are at the front of the queue and thus hog all the benefits.
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One youngster, who is well-conversant with these and related matters told me that Nandan Nilekani is no wizard with some magic power and it is impossible to complete this in foreseeable future. Ultimately the birth registrar will have to be given the authority to assign the UI number and that will call for very, very high level of decentralization. And if supposing a Bengali labourer gets a child while working in Kerala and the child carries a UI which shows as having been issued in Kerala, that child will be a Keralite as per UI and this may contravene the regional sentiments of political parties.

There are many such difficulties, it seems. And just issuing 120 crores of numbers after taking bio-identification of each person is truly an enormous job.
Dr readers, I have always thought that whenever any Data of total Indian Citizens(people) is thought of--it should be done, continuously without any time limit. For example, when Census is taken, over a period, & completed on a certain date, after a gap of say two months, the same lists should be given to another team, preferably, young energetic youth , in lots of a few thousands, & ask them to check/verify/make needed corrections/ changes & make it authentic
This team should continue to work at least 6 months vigorously & then only a near correct data could be achieved. Because, any data taken initially ,would have left many things & those can be easily checked on second verification with the involvement of the people concerned.
The current, most important Data Collection should be continuous , non-stop to bring in &not to leave out any one. Hope Mr Nilekani would ensure this.

A.Srinivasan (rishikesan )
every new system comes with pros/cons.....no system is perfect....so called SSN of USA has some rigidity...somettimes here we use

TIN number for tax purposes.......still data is data...like india with huge population has enormous effort......in india some dead ppl

are getting govt pension....claiming by somebody......like computer reservation in railways......many things changed.............many miles

to go......for foolproof perfection.....

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