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india's army chief v.k.singh

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afair, a career in the services, was never high on the list in my family and my surroundings. not sure if this is a general tambram thing, or just in our pattar clan.

so, i was skipping most of the news, re gen v.k.singh, in the hindu, till now.

this brief article, by jothi thottam, in time magazine, gives in a nutshell the issue.

what is our true birthdate? i was born in badagara in 1950, and so no official record exists. only my jadhagam.

the very first occassion when i was asked for birth date in an official record, was my high school certificate, and the school and the system, willingly took whatever i entered. i could have entered any reasonable date, and would not have been challenged, i think upto +/- years of the average of my class.

but, there are, this article insists, the issue is deeper, than gen singh's right birth date. it is a matter of who succeeds him, and that depends on when he retires.

a pretty exciting article in my opinion, and probably, a wee bit more frank, than what our indian papers might publish.

India's Army Chief V.K. Singh Challenges the Government in Court | Global Spin | TIME.com
Dear Sri Kunjuppu,

It is most unfortuate under the present regime every intitution of repute under the Constituion is crumbling. We have seen CAG questioned by PAC, Government appointed CVC sent back by the Supreme Court. Lokpal Bill is still in drafting stage. Plethora of Scams are in various stages of investigations. Now the Chief of Army is forced to seek legal remidy for a bureaucratic issue. Surprisingly, the Minister for Defence seems to have gone invisible.
Now your additional input adds new twist to the issue.


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