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Indian Govt Bans Blogs

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Post-7/11, a Government order had directed Internet service providers (ISP) in the country to block access to certain websites. Various ISPs say they were asked to block access to a list of 20 odd websites, which these include sites like Dalitstan.org, Clickatell.com, Hinduunity.com, Princesskimberly.blogspot.com and Hinduhumanrights.org - all sites that supposedly spread extreme views.
But trying to prevent access to extremist views seems to have backfired on the Government, because instead of blocking only those specific blogs and possibly escaping all this attention - the ISPs have gone ahead and blocked all blogs.
The result is a united front on the part of the bloggers who want to know what's going on for they could not access some of their favourite sites like Blogspot.com and Geocities.com.
However, ISPs say that they are not at fault for though a lot of the blocked sites are not on the list issued to them, there is a technical glitch as it's not possible to block certain pages, without blocking the entire site.
The order banning blog sites was issued on July 13 though it was not officially announced. The Government alleges these blogsites were fuelling hatred and communalism.
However, the Government also clarified its stand saying that they were not trying to censor free speech in the country but that these sites have been under security check much before the terrorist attacks.

Interesting. Can these be challenged ? If it is truw, can a common man request for specific reasons thru the right to information act ?
Dear all,

The following is the response by the Consulate General based out of New York, on the issue of the recent blogging.

From a list that I am on:


Reference our discussions and correspondence on the issue of blocking
blogs in India, we had taken up the matter with the authorities
concerned in
the Department of Telecommunications in the Government of India and the
facts are as under:

A two-page write up containing extremely derogatory references to Islam
and the
holy prophet which had the potential to inflame religious sensitivities
India and create serious law and order problems in the country appeared
in a
blog facilitated by well known search engines. The matter was
immediately taken
note of by our CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) and the
Department of
Telecommunications (DOT) was informed of it. The DOT took up the matter
forthwith with the search engines and instructions were also issued to
Internet providers to block the two impertinent pages. Because of a
technological error, the Internet providers went beyond what was
expected of
them which in turn resulted in the unfortunate blocking of all blogs.
Department of Telecommunications have now clarified the issue and the
error is
being rectified and it is expected that normalcy in respect of blogs
will soon
be restored.

This is for your information.

A.R. Ghanashyam
Deputy Consul General
New York
Why don't advocates like Mr.Vijayan challenge this in a court of law? The Congress-led UPA ("UPMA"?!!!) GOVT. has always a soft corner for terrorist communities just for the sake of votes. There are several Tamil websites which spew venom on Brahmins but the " ITALIAN MATHAJI" or her followers don't care a fig about them. But if something against the Muslims is published, the "Italian Mathaji" and her "secular" brigade ban it. It is high time the Brahmins resolved NOT TO VOTE FOR PSEUDO-SECULAR PARTIES like the Congress & the Commies.
Hinduism Vs Rest

regarding pseudo secularism ther is anothe point. i hv read that quran says that any person who is not a muslim is a kafir - i.e. a sudra. bible says any person who s not a christian is an infidel . by this token, father(!) 'periyar' and Dr,. Karunanidhi are sudras even in islam and christianity. then hw do they admire these religions? hinduism says that you r a sudra only if you r a non vegetarian.

vegetarians is oxygen for hinduism / brahminisn.yu can be a hindu / brahmin even if you do not believe in god. but u cannot be a hindu/ brahmin unless u r a vegetarian. does dmk / dk know this ? whats wrong in this concept anyway?

dmk /dk say in tamilnadu only tamil should be used for worship in temples. why r they not saying the same for mosques and churches?

lokha samastha sukhino bavanthu
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