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India is Superpower Stuff - Part 2

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With almost every country beset by a number of problems such as economic, political, social, security etc it is time to introspect on why it is going wrong? India is similar to any other country in the nature of the challenges it has to face but India is also different from the rest in its potential to offset those problems. India can not only find solution to its problems but can also become the strongest influence in the world.

The first and foremost task india should perform is in literacy and education. In the case of education whether the right education is provided is very critical. Providing youngsters with knowledge of science in a way is important but much more important is the shaping of the character. Student curriculum should include and focus on blending these two diverse aspects of practicing practicality and morality so that they don't miss out on either of these vital ingredients required not only for the success at the individual level but also for the enduring prosperity of the nation.

Once the members of the society become wise and disciplined the rest I think would fall in place. It will be ensured say that the right people are selected as politicians and leaders of the nation who would work only in the interest of the nation.

Backed by a strong culture and heritage and its competency in science, India if it starts the revolution at the level of the individual revolutionizing the society in turn, it could well become a very formidable force in the future.

The key idea is not to become overly dependent on Science and technology so that you don't lose out on the human aspect and also not to rely solely on the cultural strength as you would miss out on what the rest of the world is doing.
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