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India Is Now Ready For 'Ahimsa' Meat: Maneka


Active member
A study found that 66% of consumers are ready to accept lab-grown ‘ahimsa’ meat taken from stem cells. Several top IT giants are investing in clean meat technology. The survey has found 46% want to buy clean meat regularly and 53% want to replace conventional meat with clean meat.

The term ‘Ahimsa meat’ can be considered as the cultural equivalent of clean meat or cultured meat, pointed experts at a summit on “The Future of Protein: A Summit on the New Food Revolution” at CSIR-IICT on Friday.

Clean meat is in its initial phase in India and would take another five years to take off. However, companies like Venky’s have reportedly shown interest in exploring clean meat said experts during a panel discussion.

“Plant based meats and clean meat will be vastly superior to feed our population. While meat producers are investing in clean meat, India is yet to pick up,” said Varun Deshpande, managing director of Good Food Institute. Clean Meat is grown from in vitro animals’ cell culture instead of from slaughtered animals.

Consumers can follow the 3R-s in eating namely reducing, replacing and refining our diets.
“As a part of the clean meat movement, we are not relying on animals and instead separate the stem cells and multiply it to make sausage. This reduces heart attacks and cancer,” said Mr Brian Spears, CEO of New Age Meats.

Clean meat also reduces the land, water needed for growing animals and reduces greenhouse gases.

They sell veg burgers, I have no interest in them.
Why would I buy this Ahimsa Meat?
Will it be classified as vegetarian food?
They sell veg burgers, I have no interest in them.
Why would I buy this Ahimsa Meat?
Will it be classified as vegetarian food?

How far it is successful in the West is not known.

If if it is from animal stock, then it is naturally NV.

Since religious sentiments are involved in killing animals and consuming meat, it is doubtful of its success in certain countries.

On the other side, strict Vegetarians can also switch sides, if animal slaughtering is totally nil.

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