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In Search of Support Staff


Well-known member
I am always on look out for human resources for

supporting seniof citizens in my and exteded


I find them i where I least expect.

Last jan iI took an uber car for local travel in

While chatting I found thr he was a muslim who

had married a hindu girl divorced with ktd.A love

story.He was drivind a uber as he could not get a
job in bangalore. where the girl was a nurse intern

I promptly made my son in bangalore hire him.
Now I have a valuable resource


Well-known member
Since my son, Dil Son in law have driving
License, they are working ftom home the driver is used for sundry jobs like standing in queuefor
Veg purchase.pushing my sabandhi * with hipfracture in wheel chair. My driver is his caregiver.lol


Well-known member
2 cars and 2 two wheelorsxwere run down. He had to get their batteries charged and make them road worthy.
Since he knows the town and the language his utility is high.
His wife is a qualified nurse.So what more support can I expect in covid times?

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