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Ill Effects of Alcohol

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1. Alcohol is the most socially accepted addictive substance and is a contributing factor in over 75% of all Date Rapes.
2. Alcohol dehydrates you: it does not quench thirst, it makes thirst worst. Alcohol is also extremely high in empty calories.
3. Drinking alcohol while you are pregnant can cause permanent brain damage and often causes physical deformations in babies. FAS and PFAS (formerly FAE) are devastating disorders that often render their victims unable to function is society or to care for them selves in socially acceptable ways; many of these children grow up to commit suicide or end up living in the criminal justice system.
4. Alcohol causes varying degrees of the following side effects in EVERYONE who uses it; dulness of sensation, lowered sensory motor skills, lowered reactive or reflexive motor responses, impaired thought processes, impaired memory, impaired judgement, sleep or sleeplessness, and in extreme cases can cause coma and death.
5. When an alcoholic beverage is ingested a full 20% of the alcohol immediately enters the bloodstream by penetrating the wall of your stomach; drinking on a full stomach can slow this process.
6. Many people mistakenly believe alcohol is a stimulant, like coffee, when in fact it is a depressant.
7. One of the first things to go when you have been drinking alcohol is your sense of good judgement and your inhibitions.
8. Alcohol can cause the following behaviours; aggression, sexual openness, excessive talking, spilling secrets, lying, phony friendliness and quick tempers.
9. A "hang over" is what happens when your body enters alcohol withdraw and the head aches you get are caused by extreme dehydration of your brain - your brain is literally being pulled away from your skull, leading to throbbing aches and sharp pains at attachment points like the temples and base of the neck.
10. 70% of alcoholics and alcohol abusers will suffer the following irreversible physical side effects; cirrhosis of the liver (fatal in over 60% of cases), "cauliflowering" of the nose and ears (where your ears and nose become cauliflower shaped), permanent restructuring of the brain including loss of long term memory, heart problems, obesity, premature dementia (partial and full), loss of bladder control and slurred speech even when sober.
I absolutely agree with my brother. Apart from these ill-effects of alcohol, what is an unbearable thing is in the recent movies, showing boozing as part of commedy. Is it not possible to create a decent commedy scene ? Any Vadivelu or Vivek (not to offend them or their fans) commedy comes with only a boozing scene. Were there not decent commedies like Nagesh or Thangavelu ? I guess the producers must relook about this.
Here is a translation of what Thiruvalluvar says about கள்ளுண்ணாமை in the Kural.

Chapter 93: Avoidance of Drunkenness

Kural 921
Those who crave intoxicating drink each day
will never be feared and never find fame.

Kural 922
Do not drink liquor. If some wish to, let it be those
who have no wish for the esteem of exemplary men.

Kural 923
The sight of a drunken man's revelry is unbearable
even to his own mother. How, then, must it appear to the wise?

Kural 924
The virtuous damsel called Decency will turn her back
on men who indulge in the vile vice called drunkenness.

Kural 925
Spending one's wealth to purchase self-oblivion
results from being oblivious to proper conduct.

Kural 926
Those who always sleep are akin to the dead.
Those who constantly drink are like men who take poison.

Kural 927
The drooping eyes of those who secretly drink betray that secret,
evoking their neighbor's relentless ridicule.

Kural 928
Stop denying, "I never drink," for next time you drink,
your mind's hidden deception will be betrayed then and there.

Kural 929
One may as well carry a candle under water to search for
a drowned man as use reason to sober a drunk drowned in drink.

Kural 930
Why can't the drunkard who, when sober, sees another's drunken
stupor realize the degrading shame of his own drunkenness?
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