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IIT mania

IIT degree holders find it difficult to fit into work groups in MNC jobs.

They have a superior air and show off their knowledge to their peers.

They become islands in work place and are not team men.

Their bosses find it difficult to harness their knowledge for welfare of their team.

The boss either gets rid of them by transferring these to other groups or makes them consultants keeping

them away from work force.

Most of IIT types are misfits in indian work environment and leave for better pastures abroad at the earliest.
The curriculam at the IITs is structured for these graduates to enable their movement to a foreign country.

They are copies of the curriculam of foreign countries with whose aid they have been set up.

Many of the professors educated abroad act as enablers to get admission for students with financial assistance

and freeships.

The course fee in IIT is a pittance. Only recently the fees have been raised so that these IITs become self


Some attempts have been made to include reserved categories in admissions.

Since many of these students have studied in regional languages in schools, they find it difficult to cope in IITs.

Many repeatedly fail in more than one course and some drop out.
Since many of these students have studied in regional languages in schools, they find it difficult to cope in IITs.
Many repeatedly fail in more than one course and some drop out.

Studying in Regional language medium upto School Final is not really a handicap. Young minds can cope with that kind of a challenge and the resultant stress.

I studied in a village school upto my School Final in Tamil Medium. When I joined the college for my PUC it was all in English. And to boot, I had to study advanced English as a subject. I enjoyed the challenge and came on top in my own way. When My English Professor was acting Richard II in the class room with the quote "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown". I had no difficulty enjoying and rather living that moment in the company of that English King thanks to Shakespeare.

The point is every rural student has his own method of coming to term with reality -- the reality of having to learn science and maths in English Medium. and many succeed.

I see the world in natural sun light during the day time. And see the world in artificial light in the night. I do not struggle and most of the time I am not even aware of which light it is. LOL.

Janaki Jambunathan

Active member
True - There are many reasons for not joining after counseling /admission . Prof. ARVs (Physics American College) sons were keen on doing medicine 1st son was admitted to IIT (M) but could not get into Medicine(TN) - But his merit got him into CMC Vellore He didn't join IIT - Nothing was lost

HIs 2nd could not get into medicine both in TN and CMC. He had to join IIT Again nothing was lost He did MS in advanced
imaging technology and involved in designing latest medical equipments. He is back into his interest related to Medicine

It is your focus on the goal that makes a success story!

IIT is not be all or end all.

Janaki Jambunathan

Active member
The course fee in IIT is a pittance. Only recently the fees have been raised so that these IITs become self supporting (#24)

Even now it is a pittance ! A three years BA (Hon) costs 24 L. in Ashoka University Hariyana ! I remember my son said " If I dont get into IIT , I will do Bcom by correspondence" I could see some sense now 20 years later in his reasonings.

It is focus and not IIT Mania!
With so many IITs being set up in various states, IIT has lost its brand value.

New ones share faculty with old ones.

The old ones set up earlier still enjoy their privileged position but new ones are not upto the mark and students

from there do not get good placements.

They are considered a shade better than NITs

Due to non availability of engg jobs in core sector, most either get out of the country for higher education or

shift to IT and related fields.

IT appears that We are turning out IIT graduates to be utilised by foreign countries.

The education itself is dirt cheap.

The IIT graduates are welcomed in universities abroad in countries whose aid had been to set up these IITs

Professors help the students to enter these foreign countries using their contacts.

Our industry is unable to use their talents paying high salaries .

In jobs in india, the IIT crowd maintains its holier than thou attitude and gets isolated from the main stream.

With in couple of years , they prefer to get out of the country for better pastures abroad
No offence to anyone. Pl take it in the right spirit !!

1. IITs similar to rec select the top students in the society. Only the toppers from school and colleges attempt rec and IITs.

2. In this selection process, you automatically eliminate below average students. Most of the IITians are above average students and most importantly highly knowledgeable. So they do well in corporate careers, etc..expected of above average students.

3. They have studied and understood all the classes till 12th, and gone through the IIT entrance curriculum, memorised al the problems and solutions that may come up in the exam. So the focus is on "knowing, memorising, " and not on "intelligence or aka problem solving"

4. So the IITians like rec etc..are all world class "mugging experts" and not "original thinkers" and not "brilliant" in the true sense of intelligence. They are highly knowledgeable, they know their subjects very we'll, they are experts but they cannot perform "outside of comfort zone". They lack in originality and intelligence !

5. This is why mr. Narayana Murthy lamented that IIt standards have fallen.

6. Rmemeber, it is always what you sow, so you reap. If you spend most of your time mugging, you are not sharpening your intelligence, if you spend most of your time "original thinking, problem solving", then you are sharpening your intelligence.

That's why you don't see Indians in general not doing well in theoretical and fundamental research !!

Having said that, it does not mean, they are not intelligent. The process of selection for IIT does NOT necessarily select the intelligent, but more the knowledgeable. And toppers who are mugging experts can also be highly intelligent !!!
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